34 Golden Retriever Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

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Here’s a golden retriever-related fact that you didn’t realize…Read all 34 Golden Retriever Facts You Probably Didn’t Know, so this will be an interesting post for you.

It is believed that the Guinness World Record for a dog with the highest amount of tennis balls is set by Augie Golden Retriever who hails from Dallas, TX.

He did not just take them all into the room and then he also collected all of them by himself!

Wow! Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for entertaining facts similar to this one or simply want to know something more about the golden retriever and their breed You’ve come to the right spot.

In this article we will share more than 60 golden retriever information that will knock you off your feet, educate you, and perhaps cause you to cry.

Additionally, I’ll be sharing some myths regarding golden retrievers! Because there are so many facts, they’re broken into six parts:

Golden Retriever Facts

Golden Retriever Facts 7

Let’s take a dive!

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Golden Retriever Facts About History

This section will certainly cover the history of goldens but it also contains some information regarding the breed in the present.

  • Golden retrievers come originated origins from Scotland(Tomich, Scotland, to be exact).
  • They’re a cross between an Water spaniel with a Tweed coat and an Wavy-coated retriever (both are now extinct). They were the first of dogs was called Nous (the retriever) and Belle (the spaniel).
  • The first golden calf was born in 1868.
  • Lord Tweedmouth is the “founder”of the golden retriever breed.
  • They were initially bred in order to catch waterfowl in the sense that Lord Tweedmouth was a hunter, and was looking for a dog to catch game on land as well as in the water.
  • Like any good story, there is some debate about the history of this breed.. Some believe that golden retrievers existed prior to Lord Tweedmouths first litter.
  • Golden retrievers are a part of the sports group. This includes breeds like retrievers, spanielsand setters, and many more.
  • Golden Retrievers are among six breeds of retriever. This also includes Labrador retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, curly-coated retrieversand flat-coated retrievers, as well as retrievers from the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.
  • Golden retriever are considered to be the third most well-known breed of dog in America. This is according to the AKC’s most famous breeds listing.
  • Although they were originally developed for hunting, today are also service and therapy dog and even search and rescue dogs.
  • Golden retriever breeds were officially recognized in the AKC around 1925. This is 57 years before that the goldens first were born.

Golden Retriever Physical Information

This section contains a variety of information regarding their physical size physical capabilities, their physical requirements, and even some statistics on their brains!

Golden Retriever Facts 6
  • The standard height for breeds averages 23-24 ins for males, and 21.5-22.5 inches in females as per the AKC.
  • The standard weight of breed dogs can be 55-65 pounds, for males and 55 to 65 pounds for females..
  • It is the only one breed of golden retriever. American, Canadian, English, English Cream as well as European golden retrievers all belong to one breed: the golden retriever.
  • The typical lifespan is between 10 and 12 years. Goldens may live longer lives but this is what they are.
  • There aren’t any golden retrievers that are white. English Cream Golden Retrievers typically lighter-colored, actually have an ethereal gold hue (click here to find out the more British Cream Golden Retrievers).
  • There aren’t any golden retrievers that are black. It’s impossible for golden retrievers to be black as they possess two recessive alleles that determine its golden coat colour (click here to find out the facts regarding “black” golden retriever).
  • Golden Retrievers have feet with webbed pads. This is one of the physical characteristics which makes them great hunting dogs.
  • Golden retrievers sport two coats. It’s made of an undercoat that is thick and fluffy as well as a long, smooth outer coat. The double coats protect their skin and regulate the body temperature.
  • The release heat from their paws, their mouths, and even their noses. They don’t sweat the way that humans sweat, which is one of the reasons of the reason why it’s so important to not shave your golden hair..
  • Goldens may have tongues with black spots. These black spots are colored skin cells.

Golden Retriever Facts 3

  • Golden retrievers require at least 1-2 hours of physical activity per daily. Remember this saying: “A tired dog is an excellent animal.” In the event that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and isn’t exhausted, then…
  • Golden Retrievers rank 4th as the most intelligent breed of dog. This is according to a canine psychologist Stanley Coren’s book the Intelligence of Dogs. Golden Retrievers are the most intelligent breed, behind Border Collies and Poodles as well as German Shepherds..
  • The appearance of their faces change as they get older. The process usually begins at around 7-8 years of age.
  • The golden retrievers’ mouths are soft. Because they were originally bred to be hunting dogs so naturally, they have soft mouths that can carry birds in. This is why they’re generally soft, but they’re not with force.
  • The most goldens “blow their coats” during spring and autumn. This is when they shed the most of their coats in preparation for cooler or warmer temperatures.

Golden Retriever Puppy Facts

Golden Retriever Facts 8

This section focuses on the facts regarding Golden Retriever pups as well as some practical applications of these facts.

  • The typical Golden Retriever’s litter size is eight puppies. It could range from 4-12 puppies.
  • Golden retrievers will grow to their full size when they reach an year. They will still grow and become slightly heavier as they age as well as their coats. They will reach their maximum length in about an year and one-half.
  • The puppy loses its teeth at around 4 months. This is also when they begin getting ready to bite a little smaller… good for them!
  • Puppy puppies can be held in their bladders up to an hour each month as they grow older. This means that, at 2 months they’ll be able to hold their bladders for around two hours.
  • Dogs love to pee in areas where they can smell urine. If you don’t take care to clean up the mess in the home with an enzyme-based cleaner the smell persists (even even if you don’t feel it, they could) and they’ll be back there again. This is the reason you must take your pet to the same place in the event that you toilet teach them.
  • Golden Retriever pups are priced between $500 and $3000. This price differs based upon your breeder (are they professional or your neighbor’s auntie’s friend’s cousin?) and the area of.

Golden Retriever Facts 5

Golden Retriever Health Facts

This article is all focused on golden retrievers their health however If you have any doubts you’re looking for answers, consult your veterinarian.

  • Spaying or neutering your golden too early could result in adverse health effects. Talk to your vet about what is the ideal moment to neuter or spay them is.
  • 60 60% of golden retrievers are affected through the disease. Thankfully, the Morris Animal Foundation is conducting the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to find an answer to this.
  • The golden retrievers’ ears can be adorable, but they could result in more than just ear infections. They easily trap moisture and heat in their ears, and this can cause an ear infection.
  • A puppy who is being fed excessively could increase the risk of developing hip dysplasia. Feeding them too often can cause them to expand too quickly and increase the chance of developing hip dysplasia..
  • Grain-free diets are linked with heart-related issues. Researchers are still searching for an established cause and effect, but it could have something to do with relate to a deficiency in taurine (which they’re studying further).
  • Golden Retrievers can be susceptible to developing hot areas. These can be result of not drying them correctly after bathing or excess food sources of protein on their food.
  • 62 percent of golden retrievers have a weight problem. Goldens love playing however it seems that they are more interested in food.

Golden Retriever Fun Facts

Golden Retriever Facts 4

After all these health information after all of these health facts, it’s time for some interesting facts!

  • Air Bud and Comet are the same dog actors. Buddy played himself in Air Bud and Comet in Full House.
  • Betty White and Oprah have golden retrievers. This list could’ve just added these two facts, and still been completely and flawless.
  • Golden retrievers rank as the third most popular breed in the world on Instagram. At least according to the volume of hashtags. The only other dogs are Chihuahuas as well as French Bulldogs are better than them.
  • A golden retriever that is the oldest is twenty year older. Her name is Augie and you can read the details of her here..
  • Golden Retrievers wear their feelings around their necks. Between their eyebrows smiles, grunts and sighs as well as smiles, one could almost always discern what a golden dog is thinking.
  • Murphy who was golden lasted for 2 years California wilderness on his own. He went missing on the course of a camping excursion and a couple of years later, someone spotted the golden and informed his family.
  • Todd who was golden has saved mother from a bite by a rattlesnake. They were on an outing within Arizona in the moment the accident occurred however he escaped and is now a hero!
  • LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs is a group of dogs who exist to help bring love and tranquility. These dogs are present in the aftermath of tragic events such as the Sandy Hook Shooting and Hurricane Sandy to offer emotional assistance.
  • The presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford were golden retrievers.
  • Golden retriever holds the record for the loudest bark. Charlie is a golden retriever from Australia has the record for the loudest bark. It’s good to know that goldens aren’t typically big barkers!

Golden Retriever Facts 2

  • Golden also holds the record for the most tennis balls that they can put in their mouths. Augie Golden, a golden American from Texas, The group gathered and then held Five tennis balls are in his mouth.
    • Recent Updates: Finley an old gold man from Upstate New York, recently placed six tennis balls in the mouth of his!
  • The golden retriever won an AKC National Obedience Champion in the year 2018. His name was Streak. Go Streak!
  • Goldens were also the very first trio of AKC National Obedience Champions. I would like that my Golden, Oliver, would read this!

Facts Every aspiring Golden Retriever’s parent has to Be Educated

This is sort of a miscellaneous area, nevertheless, it is still vital for parents who are currently or future golden parents.

  • Golden Retrievers shed quite a bit. Nearly all dogs shed, and goldens are not the exception. Read more about the ways to control golden retriever shed.
  • Golden Retrievers are priced around $1,506-$2,464 annually. This includes estimated vet costs as well as food, toys, and other expenses.

Golden Retriever Facts 1

  • Golden retrievers are fantastic with children. Although they’re large playful, goofy, and fun generally, they’re soft with kids.
  • Golden Retrievers can be described as “puppies that live for the long haul”. Goldens can often be playful and entertaining throughout all their lives.
  • Golden Retrievers are loving and sweet. Goldens have wonderful personalities (which is the reason they make wonderful pets for families as well as therapy dogs and assistance dog breeds).
  • Goldens aren’t great security dog breeds. If a stranger comes into the house They’ll probably be happy to meet them with a hug.
  • Golden retrievers need to be brushed 3-7 times a week and bathed every 2 months. Brushing can help reduce shed and matting. because goldens are a natural oil on their fur and skin which can be removed when bathing frequently, bathing them more often can cause damage to their fur and skin.
  • Golden retrievers are quite simple to teach. Their brains and their calming dispositions are what make them great learners, but their slyness and playfulness as well as their affection for everything and everyone could make it difficult.
  • Golden retrievers were employed in the role of search dogs and sniffer dogs following the 9/11 attacks. They sniffed out survivors in the rubble that had accumulated after the tragedy.
  • Most golden retrievers love swimming. They were originally created to hunt waterfowl, and many remain awed by water.
  • Goldens generally get along well alongside other pets. This not only is the case with dogs, but it can also include tortoises, cats ponies, even Guinea pigs!

Golden Retriever Myths

Golden Retriever Facts 3

After all the facts is enough, now it’s time to discuss some golden myths about retriever!

We’ve covered a few of them, but here are the others:

  • Myth Three kinds of golden retrievers.
  • The truth is that there is only one kind of golden retriever.
  • Mythology: English Cream Golden Retrievers are different from the other breeds of goldens.
  • Truth: This is simply an euphemism for golden retrievers with a light color with blocky heads.
  • Myth: Golden retrievers with white spots exist.
  • Truth: Goldens with a light color are actually light golden, but not pure white.
  • Myth: Black golden retrievers exist.
  • The truth: Purebred black goldens do not exist. If you do see one, it’s probably a flat-coated retriever, or some kind of mix.
  • Myth: The black areas on the tongues of their pets happen because they’re mixed up with Chow Chows.
  • Truth These black spots are pigmented skin cells, which are found naturally in golden retrievers.


Golden Retriever Facts 7

Though I could be biased Golden retrievers are incredible! What was the one thing you learned during your time here?

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