Can You Get Short Hair Golden Retrievers? (6 Energetic Truth!)

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Are you looking to purchase a short hair golden retrievers? It’s possible that you’ve been searching for an extended period of duration…

Golden Retrievers are gorgeous dogs that make wonderful companions. They are often listed as the third most well-known breeds in America.

Their gorgeous and shiny coat allows them to be easily identified among the numerous dogs we see each day.

One question we get asked frequently concerns whether we have Golden Retrievers with hair that is short. This is often a result of the fear of the amount of hair a golden retriever sheds, and also the notion that were they to have short hair it could be less of a problem.

Technically speaking, golden retrievers with short hair aren’t available, but certain goldens do have hair that is shorter than others.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 3

Golden Retrievers are stunning breeds with long, wavy golden hair. Their gorgeous coats are easy to recognize at the dog park that is crowded.

You may have seen some breeds that look like Goldens, but have shorter hair. Have you thought about getting a shorter-haired Golden Retriever?

It is true that there isn’t an purbred Golden Retriever with short hair. While you may have seen something that appears to be an elongated Golden but it’s most likely to be to be a mixed breed.

It is a Golden as well as a Labrador Retriever mix, for example, can often have an appearance similar to a shorter and haired Golden Retriever.

Are there Short-Haired Golden Retrievers?

The simple answer is that Golden Retrievers aren’t available with hair that is short. There is, at the very least, none that are purebred and short-coated.

Dogs that have short hair that look similar to Golden Retrievers might be a mix-breed, or another kind of retriever. Other breeds of retrievers could appear and behave in a similar way.

The breeds that could be misinterpreted as short hair retrievers include:

– English Springer Spaniel

— Bernese Mountain Dog-

– Labrador Retriever

Flat-Coated Retriever

– Leonberger

– Great Pyrenees

— Chesapeake Bay Retriever

• Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Pet owners with short-haired retrievers can reach out to their shelter or breeder to ensure that their dog’s breed is purebred. It’s not necessary to be concerned, however. Golden Retrievers are genetically superior and create great mix breeds.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 1

Fur-parents don’t have to worry about it when they breed, register with clubs, or participate in dog shows.

What are Golden Retrievers?

Retrievers are breeds of dogs created to answer human advancements in hunting. In the past humans hunted fowl and other game at within a short distance, making retrieving them a simple task.

However, as hunting equipment developed to be able of hunting at longer distances and greater distances, game would typically be able to fall further and into the water. Unfortunately, retrievers at that time could not collect games in these situations. Therefore, they created an entirely new breed of dog.

They crossed an orange retriever and a now gone water Spaniel named Tweed. The resultant litter of four pups became the pioneers of a brand new breeding program. The bloodhound in this litter as well as a the St. John’s Water Dog from Newfoundland Two black retrievers, and one Irish Setter.

The new breed of retrievers was perfect for the new position. They were extremely trained, athletic and gentle. Additionally, they were naturally attracted to the water and were outfitted with an extremely dense double-coat.

Furthermore, they have an incredibly soft mouth adept at absorbing the game with no damage. This is how they were the Golden Retriever was born.

The British Kennel Club accepted Golden Retrievers to be registered in 1903 as “Flat Coats” in 1903. Then , in 1925 America adopted the same approach and accepted the breed. They formed an organization called the American Golden Retriever Club in 1938.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers Coats

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 2

Golden Retrievers as well as some other breeds of dog are commonly referred to as the double coat. The first coat is the undercoat, which is composed of short hair that is densely packed that is designed to keep your dog dry and warm.

Second coats are also known as the “top coat. The medium-long hair on the upper coat totally covers the undercoat , and is the coat we’ll be discussing during this post.

Feathering of Short Hair Golden Retrievers

The long coat of the top coat of an Golden Retriever starts to appear on puppies about 3 months of age but it can take more than an entire year before their long-haired coat develops and begins becoming “feather”.

The majority of Golden Retriever’s coat lies on the skin, there’s some areas in which the hair is growing further and starts to grow out of the human body.

Adult Golden has feathers on their chest, stomach, legs, and the tail. It is a longer, somewhat darker-colored hair which will begin to grow along the length of the tail. When it is established, it will gradually spread across the Golden’s body.

While some pups shed baby hair Goldens have a longer coat that grows by shedding their baby fur. It could take up to 18 months before the coat is fully grow through, leaving a fluffier coat beneath.

I’ve gone over the entire process in a separate article available here How Do Golden Retriever get long hair? (at what age? ).

Short-haired Golden Retrievers

It’s not a good idea to cut hairs (pardon for the pun) however, although there isn’t purportedly short-haired Golden Retriever, some purebred Golden Retrievers have shorter hair than the average.

If you own one or have seen one or are considering purchasing the one you want, they are short-haired Goldens on the market. This can occur over the course of several generations of breeding although they are rare, they do exist.

In this instance, “shorter is a term used to describe coats that aren’t as long as the standard Golden’s coat. It’s not the shorter coat that you’d find on the back of a Labrador for instance, and it’s probably not the picture you’re thinking of when thinking of a shorter-haired Golden Retriever.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 4

When you’re looking at what you believe to be an illustrative short-haired Golden Retriever, it’s important to be aware of whether they appear to have a different coat. If the coat appears different, the reason behind this is because the dog is not really an Purebred Golden Retriever. This brings us to the subject of Golden Retriever mixed breeds.

A Golden Retriever with a short-haired coat is probably Not a Purebred

If you’ve or are considering getting an elongated Golden Chances are that it’s not 100 100% Golden Retriever. That’s fine, because Golden Retriever mixes can make amazing dogs! Only if you intend to exhibit, register or breed the dog in competition , does the purebred status of the dog really matter.

Golden Retrievers with hair that is short generally fall into one of two possibilities that is, either a Golden Retriever mix or a distinct breed of retriever. Retrievers from all breeds share lots of similarity in appearance and behavior.

Golden Retriever Mixed Breeds

Because of their similarity, Goldens are often bred with Labradors of the Yellow breed. This particular breed will often times appear to be an Golden Retriever but with the shorter hair of the Lab which makes their coats one of the sole determining elements.

In the table below, you can see just how physically similar Goldens and Labradors can be:

Golden RetrieverLabrador
Height21-24 inch
(53-61 cm)
21.5-24.5 inches
(54-62 cm)
Weight55-75 lbs
(25-34 kg)
55- 80 lbs
(25-36 kg)
CoatLong, wavyShort, straight
Major SheddingTwice per yearTwice per year
ColorRange of goldBlack, yellow, chocolate
Physical similarities between Golden and Labrador Retrievers

Because they’re alike with regards to their size. It’s easy to understand how a mix of the two species of a Golden Retriever and a Yellow Lab could be easily mistaken for Purebred Golden Retriever.

They are also both intelligent and friendly. They are great pets for families. While Labradors are slightly more lively particularly as puppies, it’s certainly not unusual to witness a raucous Golden puppy.

HeightMales: 23″ to 24″Females: 21.5″ to 22.5″Males: 22″ to 24″Females: 20″ to 22″Males: 23″ to 24″Females: 21.5″ to 22.5″
WeightMales: 65 to 75 lbsFemales: 55 to 65 lbsMales: 65 to 75 lbsFemales: 50 to 70 lbsMales: 65 to 75 lbsFemales: 55 to 65 lbs
CoatLong, dense, wavy and water-repellentFlat, wavy and has featheringDarker, shorter and thinner
PhysiqueLankier and less muscularSolidly built, heavierBroad, well-defined
Breed StandardRich shades of gold, not too pale or too darkAllows for cream coatsAllow for all shades of gold

Differences in Physical Characteristics

Although British Cream Golden Retrievers have hair shorter but they shed as much as those of their American and Canadian counterparts.

The other way that Goldens differ is in their the color. Goldens are renowned for their gorgeous locks that are available in a range of golden shades.

Between Goldens There is a hardly any distinction in color. In contrast to Labrador retrievers Golden Retrievers tend to adhere to a narrow color palette.

The American Kennel Club only allows Golden Retrievers when they’re extremely, lightly or gold (but no red). British as well as Canadian Kennel Clubs, however permit more coat colors such as cream.

Despite the appealingness in the color gold certain Goldens aren’t in the spectrum.

Golden Retriever colors vary from pure white to mahogany red and black. They’re not as popular as they were in the past however, they are present.

The Golden Retrievers of all breeds, regardless of their variety are similar in temperament.

If you are a new dog owner These are a fantastic option since they are easy trained. They are also extremely affectionate and loveable, so long as their pet owners take care of them.

At What Age Do Golden Retrievers Grow Hair?

Golden Retriever puppies are hairless when they first start their lives like all breeds of dogs. However, the coat of an adult is usually around three months old. Then, it will continue to grow. Then, they will have they will grow a thin hairline on their tails known as feathering.

The growths can be seen because they’re darker than puppy’s lighter hair. When the puppy is eight months old the feathering will become more obvious. After one year, it becomes completely noticeable. Goldens are thought to be fully developed over two years.

Golden Retrievers unlike other breeds, don’t shed their puppy hair. Instead the hair of an adult is layered on top of the puppy’s hair, pushing away the hair of the puppy away.

As a layers of fur puppy’s hair is now an undercoat for dogs. The thicker undercoat grows as the more hefty outer coat grows. The entire process can take about one year for gorgeous fur to fully develop.

Can You Keep Golden Retriever Hair Short?

Absolutely, Golden Retrievers’ hair may be cut short by trimming. However, it is important not to cut their coats outside of specific areas like their toes, paws and ears. It is suggested that goldens are taken to an expert groomer. Pet owners might want to trim these areas to meet the following requirements:

An Golden Lab mix Lab mix is affectionately known as Goldador Retriever. The mix is like the Golden Retriever but often have the short hair of the Labrador.

Different Types of Retrievers Are Sometimes Confused For Goldens

Other than a mixed breed, another option would be that you don’t have a Golden Retriever at all, but another retriever breed altogether.


Other common retriever breeds can include:


  • Curly-coated Retriever – the tallest of the breed, the curly-coated retriever is easy to spot with its mane of tight curls. This breed can be black and even silver and often produce a more wavy coat when mixed with a pure Golden.
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever – usually a variation of brown, they can be slightly red or lean more toward golden straw. They have a shorter, slightly wavy coat, and a mix would produce a long wavy coat.
  • Flat-Coated Retriever – as the name would suggest, this breed has long flat hair, though its usual black coat easily identifies it. You can read more about Flat-Coated Retrievers in my article here.

Shorter Haired Golden Retriever Genes

As we mentioned earlier there is a possibility to have shorter haired Goldens. This isn’t to say that their coats look as they would be a Labrador however they’re slightly shorter than the norm for the breed of Golden.

If you’re certain that you are certain that your Golden is purebred, the chances are that your parents had shorter hairs.

Hair length is genetic however, even though it’s very rare, if your breeder has short hair, male or female and the pups most likely be the same. However, let’s be clear that we’re not talking about genuine “short hair” simply “shorter hair” that is more typical for a Golden.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 3

Disreputable Breeders & DNA Testing

Verifying the breeder’s name with the original breeder is the most effective method to confirm that you have or will get an authentically bred Golden Retriever. In some cases breeders with bad reputations have not been as honest.

Purebred Golden Retriever puppies are quite expensive. Given their similarities, it could be possible to offer them as purebred if they’re mixed breed, therefore be sure you’re working with a reputable breeder.

If you’re unsure about the health of your Golden breed, you may have your veterinarian run an examination to find out what their DNA tells you about them. These tests can tell you whether you have an purebred dog or not.

An alternative that is less costly is to purchase a canine DNA kit and perform the test at your home. This involves taking an amount of saliva from your dog’s mouth, and then taking it off to the laboratory.

The results are generally released after a few weeks. The test kits are very precise and can test over 350 breeds of dogs.

Shaving Your Golden Retriever

If you’re in search of an elongated Golden because you’re worried about shed, you may be tempted to trim the typical long-haired Golden.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 2

However, that is absolutely not recommended. Don’t shave a Golden Retriever!!! 

  • Dogs with double coats have quite sensitive skin. Their coats protect them from the sun, irritation, and bug bites and, without it, will leave them vulnerable to hot-spots and other ailments.
  • Double coats are waterproof and help to regulate body temperature. Even in the summer, Goldens need their coats. When properly groomed, it will insulate them in the winter and keep them cool in the warmer months.
  • Shaving can cause permanent damage to your Golden’s coat. The undercoat and the top coat grow at different speeds. If you shave the topcoat, it will take a long time to grow through, if at all. It is not uncommon to see the undercoat become brittle and dry when no longer protected by the topcoat.

If excessive shed is a major issue for you, it might be best to conduct further study and find an animal that can better match your needs.

Unfortunately, Labradors shed just as much because they have a double coat as well. While they do have a thinner coat, you’ll have to brush every day and shed twice per year similar to how Goldens do.

But, Golden Doodles (Golden Retriever and Poodle mix) are well-known as being soft and rarely shed. Similar to Golden Retrievers, the longer-haired Doodle require grooming every about six weeks However, their sheds is usually lesser.

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 4

Grooming Your Golden Retrievers Coat

Double-coated, Goldens shed frequently and require lots of brushing. The amount of their coat will depend on their lifestyle as well as the temperatures outside.

At-home grooming typically requires you to brush your Golden’s coat once a week:

  • Undercoat rakes (Amazon) are specifically designed to target the undercoat of Goldens. Used to remove debris and help with detangling loose hair,
  • For the top coat, you should use a pin brush (Amazon). Great for getting rid of mats and loose hair, regular brushing will help with their shedding.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to properly groom and take care of a Golden Retriever’s coat.

Goldens are evolving beyond their roles in the role of hunting dogs. Their gentle and trainability is recognized by television and film appearances.

The breed is also reliable and reliable , which is why they are known as guides dog breeds. It was this fact that led Goldens to be the first dog to earn the position in the AKC obedience tests in 1977.

The Golden Retriever is a popular dog breed that is used for searching and save. Their keen smell and tracking abilities aid in the search for missing people.

They were involved in search and rescue operations for massive hurricanes , like Rita and Katrina. They also played a significant role in the search to find those who survived the attacks of 9/11.

Goldens also are well-known pets among celebrities like Oprah Winfrey as well as Adam Levine. The likes of Presidents Ford and the president Reagan had one.

Three types of Golden Retrievers

This is one of those frequently-asked questions about Golden Retrievers. Can they be found in different breeds are they available in a variety of types? Yes, they do. Two ways in which Goldens differ from other Goldens. The first one is with regard to “type. 

Short Hair Golden Retrievers 1

Three types of Golden Retrievers: America, British and Canadian Golden Retrievers. However they have some variations, but they do not alter their temperaments or health. Here is an overview of the differences among them.

In this article, we will dive into the truth of golden retrievers with short hair, the best method to deal with golden retrievers that shed different kinds of goldens and the best method to select the best Golden for you.

Let’s take a dive!

What’s the truth about the short-haired golden Retrievers

Although there’s no something as a Golden Retriever that has hair that is shorter there are golden retrievers with hair which is shorter than the rest.

Certain varieties of goldens like field golden retrievers, typically have hair longer than most breeds such as breeds that are bred for show purposes.

Although you may be tempted by the idea of making your golden retriever to the most adorable golden retriever, you should avoid cutting them, this could pose health risks to them and also damage their beautiful coats.

Let’s discuss the various kinds of goldens. First…

Which Kinds Of Golden Retrievers Have Hair That’s Shorter?

There is one golden retriever breed There are many distinct breeds within it.

One of these variations can be the field gold retriever sometimes referred to as the field-bred golden retriever.

  • Goldens are bred to be used to hunt and for work outdoors.
  • They’re athletic, motivated and faithful.
  • They can also be darker, sometimes even red.
  • As for this article Their coats are generally shorter.

However, you can find golden retrievers, which are bred for display.

Field Golden Retrievers are developed to have their physical strength, charisma and motivation. Gold retrievers that show are developed for their temperament and look.

They’re bred in accordance with what they believe is the breed of golden retrievers. This breed has a muscular body with a flowing long golden coat.

If you’re searching for gold with a shorter coat golds constructed by show lines (also known as conformation lines) aren’t the most suitable choice.

But like we’ve stated, goldens who are companions (dogs not specifically bred for use on tracks or in shows) could have coats with shorter lengths, too when you find them.

How to Get A Golden Retriever With A Lengthier Coat

My golden retriever Oliver who was six months old at that time, began to feel a bit worried.

He was tall and had a very short coat and looked exactly like the labrador my friend had…

Was he part of a lab?

Did he have a short haired golden retriever?

Take a look at the clip below and watch his cute, short-haired, adorable and lanky appearance.

It turns out that it’s not a lab or the short-haired golden retriever.

He’s a normal golden retriever, with a shorter coat in comparison to other goldens (see the photo below).

And I’m extremely grateful his coat isn’t too long because there isn’t a lot of shed!

Where did he buy the shorter coat?

His parents are his, obviously!

Coat length can be inherited and, if you’re trying find a golden retriever that has a longer coats, then you’ll have to find a breeder who breeds goldens with shorter coats.

Oliver’s parents wore coats that were short. Therefore, Oliver wears short coats too.

If you are choosing a breeder, you need to be thinking about more than just the length of your coat. You can, however, learn more about choosing the right breeder.

What Time Do Golden Retrievers Get their full Coat?

Another thing to be considered when evaluating the coat of golden retrievers is their age.

Goldens are very tall and grow to their maximum height during the course of the year.

But their coats won’t fully take over until after 1 year and half.

If you see people walking down the street with a stunning golden dress and untidy outfit Be aware that even if the golden is less than an year and one-half old, the coat may be slightly longer.

What about Golden Retrievers and Allergies?

If you’re planning to purchase an Golden Retriever who has an allergy-friendly short coat there’s a chance you’re barking at a tree that you didn’t know about.

First off, isn’t the fur that causes allergies.

Most people have an allergy to dust (flakes comprised of dead skin) and also saliva and urine (according the research of WebMD).

Also, acquiring an animal that has shorter fur will not assist you if you’re allergic of goldens.

There’ll be everywhere Most likely, they’ll find it difficult to resist kissing you since they love is so extremely full love…

Golden Retriever Shedding

If you’re looking for an English golden retriever with shorter hair because you’re worried about shed, you need to be cautious regarding how much you’d love to spend on.

While I had a great experience with Oliver the all golds shed a fair amount.

If you’re seeking to achieve a an appearance of gold inside your home, you’ll be required to adjust to the sight of hair on your carpets or furniture and sometimes, also food products (fun finding an ounce of silver in my food yesterday). 

Find this article to get ways to avoid sheds for your golden retriever. Here’s an easy overview to decrease the amount of sheds

Brush your golden daily

Make sure to wash them at least once every 2 to 3 months

Feed them high-quality dog food that is high-quality

In the context of sheds the hair, here’s what you should not be doing…

The Reasons You Shouldn’t Shave Your Golden Retriever

It’s not simple to change your golden retriever into short-haired golden retriever with haircuts.

Golden retrievers come with two coats. They are covered with an undercoat that has soft texture that aids in controlling their body temperature. They also have an extended, smooth outer coat which is waterproof and protects the dogs from dirt and other dirt.

Many believe they’re doing their pets the right thing by shaving their pet in the summer time because their undercoat helps regulate your body’s temperature during hot weather. This can be extremely detrimental in their wellbeing.

Also If you cut off their long coat of fur and it isn’t it’s able to grow back the same manner (I’ve been privy to a few horrific stories of groomers’ trips where a huge coats were chopped off …).

Additional Options If Searching for A Golden Retriever with short hair

If you’re thinking of getting the golden retriever, but don’t want to contend with hair that is long, it could be beneficial to consider a different breed that is available.

Goldendoodles are an excellent alternative to labradors, and Golden Retrievers.

My friend is a dear friend who owned a golden retriever as well as a lab mix (known as the goldador) and looks like an old golden retriever with short hair.

He’s sweet as goldens and labs. He has a swollen head, and is full of energy.


Purebred Golden Retrievers will not have hair that is short. While it’s very rare, there’s a possibility of finding a Golden Retriever with a slightly shorter coat, however it’s typically caused by the genetics passed to them by their parents.

If you’ve seen what you think is an Short haired Golden Retriever, the chances are that it’s actually a hybrid breed. Most likely it’s an amalgamation of two breeds that are the Golden Retriever and a yellow Labrador Retriever.

Golden retrievers with short hair don’t exist in the wild, some goldens possess hair with shorter lengths in comparison to other goldens. There are methods to assist in reducing the amount shed they create.

The has many alternatives to select from, including goldendoodles, goldadors, or any other breeds.

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