Javanese Cat : Balinese-Javanese Cat Breed Info, Pictures, Characteristics

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The intelligent and loving Javanese cat will want to be by your side. This breed loves to talk to you, and they will use different voices to indicate their needs. This breed was created in the late 1970s and early 1980s by crossing a Siamese with a Balinese cat.

Before getting a Javanese, there are some essential attributes to take into consideration concerning the breed:

Javanese animals evaluate about 7 extra pounds, which has to do with the same dimension as the Siamese, Balinese and Oriental shorthair.

Javanese Cat Traits : What to Know Before You Buy

Despite the name, the initial Javanese were bred in the USA at Indiana’s Cobwebbe Cattery, Chicago’s Bernadette Cattery, and Alberta’s Balimoor Cattery. They get their name from Java, which lies next to Bali and also indicates rich and abundant.

Sadly, Javanese are suspectable of cardiomyopathy, which can be difficult to catch. Left untreated, this type can develop feline aortic thromboembolism, which are embolism in the arteries.

While no animal is totally hypoallergenic, Javanese are among the most hypoallergenic types in the world. If you are a feline fan who has problem with allergic reactions, consider this hypoallergenic pet.

The Javanese is a longhaired selection of Siamese worn Colorpoint shades. He was established from a foundation of Siamese, Colorpoint as well as Balinese pet cats.

Javanese Cat 1

The pet cats do not in fact come from Java yet were whimsically offered the name because Java is a sister island to Bali, which was a wonderful touch, provided the breed’s relationship to the Balinese (which does not originate from Bali, by the way).

Initially, the Cat Fanciers Association classified the Javanese as an unique breed, separated from the Balinese by shade, however in 2008 the Javanese was declared a department of the Balinese breed.

The International Cat Association likewise thinks about the Javanese a variety of Balinese and places both in its Siamese grouping of types. The Javanese might be outcrossed to the Balinese, Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair and Asian Longhair.

About the Javanese Cat

In some cases described as the Colorpoint Longhair, the Javanese pet cat is passionately nicknamed the “Javi.” Similar to the Siamese pet cats that compose the breed’s foundation, this cat is friendly, spirited, as well as talkative, often meowing as well as talking for factors their human friends could not comprehend.

Javanese pet cats are exceptional family members animals generally. Their capacity to hop on well with others consisting of other felines and mannerly dogs makes them a great deal of fun to be around.

The Javanese pet cat is incredibly sports, with a fondness for high jumps, fast-paced laps around your home, and interactive games. These felines are additionally excellent mousers, so any type of rodents that cross their paths aren’t most likely to survive for long.

In their quest for fun and amusement, Javanese cats tend to jab their noses into whatever, quickly finding out just how to open up cabinets as well as cabinets.

Javanese Cat 4

Like several other social cat breeds that thrive on human interaction, Javanese cats can become clinically depressed if their favored people invest even more time away than they do at home. For this reason, these pet cats are best for families that specify themselves as homebodies.

Javanese Cat Care

The Javanese feline has no special dietary demands, nevertheless it’s best to offer an excellent quality, high-protein diet regimen that notes genuine meat or fish as the primary component.

Like numerous various other Oriental pet cat breeds, Javanese can have long life expectancy. Feeding a food created for the appropriate lifestage can aid guarantee health throughout the years.

History of Javanese Cat

You might assume that the Javanese pet cat originates from the island of Java, but the reality is a bit less interesting. While this type does obtain its name from that charming Pacific island, its beginnings are residential in nature, and there really isn’t any kind of mystery bordering its family members tale.

The Javanese pet cat is a color variation on the Balinese cat, which consequently is the long-haired variety of Siamese. Javanese pet cat dog breeders create pairings that focus on producing kittens with red, tortoiseshell, lynx, and lotion factors.

The Pet Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) is the only breed registry that makes the difference between Balinese and Javanese cats. This lovely type was granted official acknowledgment in 1987.

Javanese Character

The Javanese is a cat breed that intends to be with you frequently. If you select this breed, expect to hang out with your feline daily. They are best for individuals that are home a number of hrs daily. Be sure to give several toys for this animal when you are gone due to the fact that they can captivate themselves if you have to be away.

Expect this pet cat to vocalize to inform you its demands. Listen and also discover what your feline is trying to say to you since they utilize various vocalizations based upon their present requirements or wishes.

Javanese Cat 2

Javanese can be a good family pet. They will certainly play with any individual that will certainly provide focus. They are likewise great, which can be an excellent trait for family members with children because they are wise enough to shield themselves.

The Javanese rely on you daily to look after it. Unlike some breeds that have a solitary mindset, it intends to be with you all the time. Do your part to provide this breed a lot of interest.

The Siamese as well as the Javanese might differ in layer size and also color, yet beneath the skin they are identical. Javanese are exceptionally fond of their people. They like to be “helpful” as well as will follow you around and also monitor your every move.

When you are sitting down, a Javanese will remain in your lap, and also in the evening he will remain in bed with you, probably under the covers with his head on the cushion. He is often underfoot, so he might not be the best choice for people who are unsteady on their feet or make use of a walker or walking stick.

A Javanese is maybe not quite as loud as his relative the Siamese, yet he is most definitely just as opinionated. He will inform you exactly what he assumes, and he expects you to take note as well as act upon his guidance.

You can also count on him to “talk” to visitors, so be grateful that many people are not versed in the Javanese language.

The Javanese is very intelligent, dexterous and athletic, and likes to play. Maintain his hectic brain energetic with puzzle toys as well as his body exercised with teaser playthings that he can go after as well as a big cat tree he can climb.

Javanese Cat 3

He likes to play bring, is willing to stroll on a leash, as well as discovers techniques quickly. He is also a good instructor himself and also may be running your household before you recognize it.

Never leave him with no type of enjoyment, or you will likely come home to discover that he has actually reprogrammed your DVR to tape only nature reveals or at the minimum made a decision that your toilet tissue rolls as well as tissue boxes look better empty.

Do not get a Javanese if coping with a friendly busybody would certainly drive you outrageous. On the other hand, if you delight in having a person to speak with throughout the day, the Javanese can be your friend.

Simply make sure you have time to invest with this requiring and social feline. Javanese don’t mind staying home throughout the day while you go off to earn money to acquire feline food, but they will expect you to commit time to them when you go to home. It can be smart to obtain two of them so they can maintain each other business.

Choose a Javanese if you expect hanging out with and also engaging with your cat. This is a loyal and caring feline who will certainly frown as well as want if given little or no focus. In the appropriate home, however, he prospers for several years.

About the Javanese Feline


The eyes should be almond designed as well as of a medium-size. They must slant toward the nose creating unified lines with the ears and the wedge shape of the head.

Legs & Paws

The legs ought to be long as well as slim, with the hind legs slightly longer than the front legs. The paws need to be tiny, pretty ovals.


The Javanese cat’s tail must be long and slim, tapering to a detail. It must present sophisticated quill.


The body is sleek, muscle, and also sports, with a stylish, refined look.


The head ought to present a long, tapering wedge. It should be of tool dimension, and in great proportion to the body. The wedge form must expand from the nose to the tips of the ears as well as ought to develop a triangle without a break at the whiskers. Male pet cats might show some jowls.


The Javanese pet cat should have large ears with vast bases as well as the distinct factors.


The coat is medium long, with simply one layer of soft fur. The Javanese feline’s coat is special as it lies extremely near to the body while establishing an unique plume on the tail.


CFA specifies 24 different Javanese cat colors along with the 4 identified Balinese shades. Nose leather and also paw pad shades ought to match the layer color.

Javanese Dimension and also Weight

The Javanese is about the exact same size as its parent types, the Siamese and the Balinese. This breed is also regarding the same size as the Asian Longhair.

Many men evaluate in between 8-and-10 extra pounds while women evaluate in between 5-and-8 pounds. Javanese often tend to be obese, which can cause other health issue. Maintaining your feline entertained assists it burn calories while maintaining it from thinking of food.

Javanese Cat

The Javanese breed stands between 9-and-12-inches high. It additionally has to do with the exact same size as it is tall. Various other breeds concerning the same dimension include the American bobtail, British shorthair, Persian, as well as Havana brown.

2 Javanese felines relaxing outside in the garden.Two Javanese felines resting outside in the garden.

Javanese Cost

It can be testing to find a Javanese cat or kitty available at any kind of cost. There are only a handful of breeders for this type.

They consist of Anacaona, Balimoor, Catajam, ChanLokMeow, Crystabel, Jointventure, Kayceekats, KnorrKatz, MartyCats, Mia Ching, NewDestiny, Pavir, Sacchidanand, Sukhotai, Amount Thai, Tersanctus, von Aristoteles, von Collioure.

Keeping in mind that these pet cats are currently part of the Balinese group, you may wish to call those dog breeders for leads and also costs.

This breed is so uncommon that we could not discover a dog breeder with any kind of felines for sale. When you discover one, you can anticipate to compensate to $2,000. Be prepared to function as there are extremely few dog breeders, which means that really few of this type are available.

If you find one in a sanctuary or with a rescue organization, anticipate to pay about $200. This might be an extremely complex task to complete, nonetheless, because many shelters will speak to rescue groups that will speak with dog breeders.

Javanese Cat 2

If you can not find one in the United States, you may want to consider having actually a feline imported from Europe or South Africa as there are dog breeders in both countries.

As soon as you get the cat home, you can expect some recurring expenses. Anticipate to pay:

Veterinarian costs- Minimum of $100 a year for a physical, but can run to over $1,000 if problems are found

Oral treatment- Toothbrush and also pet cat tooth paste regarding $15 a year, yet cleanings can set you back $500.

Parasite and also flea treatments– Vaccinations as well as treatments can cost approximately $100 a year.

Javanese Kittens

The ordinary Javanese clutter size is seven. You can expect the kittens to have short legs and medium-sized bodies. The kitty must have 5 toes in the front on each paw and 4 toes in the back.

The head needs to be long and also tapering with sharp ears that are vast at their base. When opened up, the eyes must be almond-shaped and also inclined somewhat towards the nose.

The hip structure need to be somewhat broader than the front shoulders. While it can be testing to see in kittycats, you need to currently see the beginning of this pet cat’s tail tuft.

Javanese Cat 7

Look for any indicators that the kitty is taking a breath with its mouth, as this is a sign of respiratory concerns.

All Javanese cats have blue eyes. You ought to start to see the eyes altering to blue by week 7 of the kittycat’s life.

Javanese Lifespan

Typically, Javanese live in between 9-and-15 years. Watching for signs of heart disease can prolong your cat’s life.

It is also vital that you take good care of your cat’s teeth. Beginning brushing them with feline tooth paste when they are young to ensure that they become accustomed to the process.

Given that one of the parents of this feline is a Siamese and also the oldest Siamese feline lived to be greater than thirty years old, it is not uncommon for this cat to live a lengthy life.

Javanese Cat 6


  • Both pedigreed cats as well as mixed-breed felines have differing incidences of health problems that might be hereditary in nature. The very same issues that may impact the Siamese can additionally impact the Javanese, including the following:Amyloidosis, a disease that occurs when a type of healthy protein called amyloid is transferred in body organs, mostly the liver in members of the Siamese family members
    Asthma/bronchial condition
  • Genetic heart problems such as aortic constriction
  • Gone across eyes
  • Stomach conditions such as megaesophagus
  • Hyperesthesia disorder, a neurological problem that can create cats to exceedingly brush themselves, bring about loss of hair, and also to act frantically, specifically when they are touched or cuddled
  • Lymphoma
  • Nystagmus, a neurological problem that causes uncontrolled rapid eye movement
  • Modern retinal atrophy, for which a genetic examination is offered


The fine, silky coat of the Javanese is conveniently looked after. Brush it once or twice a week with a stainless steel comb to eliminate dead hair. A bath is seldom required.

Brush the teeth to stop gum disease. Daily oral hygiene is best, however weekly brushing is better than nothing. Clean the edges of the eyes with a soft, damp fabric to eliminate any type of discharge.

Use a separate area of the cloth for every eye so you don’t risk of spreading any kind of infection. Check the ears weekly. If they look unclean, clean them out with a cotton round or soft wet towel moistened with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar as well as warm water. Prevent making use of cotton swabs, which can damage the inside of the ear.

Maintain the can spotlessly tidy. Like all felines, Javanese are extremely certain concerning bathroom hygiene.

Javanese Cat 5

It’s a good suggestion to maintain a Javanese as an indoor-only feline to secure him from conditions spread by various other felines, attacks by dogs or coyotes, and also the other risks that encounter cats that go outdoors, such as being struck by a cars and truck.

Javanese that go outdoors additionally risk of being swiped by a person who wishes to have such a lovely pet cat without spending for it.

Cover Color And Grooming

With the exception of shade and also coat length, the Siamese and also the Javanese are indistinguishable, having a svelte however muscular body with lengthy lines as well as a wedge-shaped head that is long and tapering from the narrow factor of the nose exterior to the ideas of the ears, forming a triangular.

The abnormally huge ears are large at the base as well as pointed at the tip, providing the exact same triangular shape as the head. Medium-size eyes are almond-shaped. The body is frequently called tubular and is supported by long, slim legs, with the hind legs higher than the front legs.

The Javanese strolls on small, dainty, oblong paws and also swishes a long, thin tail that tapers to a fine point. The look of the body is softened by a medium-length layer that is fine and also silky. It is lengthiest on the plumed tail.

The various other way in which the Javanese differs from the Siamese is in the factor colors seen in the breed.

The darker factors of the face, ears, paws as well as tail are available in solid shades such as red and cream, plus different lynx factor shades, including seal lynx factor and also seal-tortie point, and parti-color points such as chocolate-tortie as well as lilac cream. The eyes are always a deep, vibrant blue.

Kid As Well As Various Other Pet dogs

The active and also social Javanese is a best choice for family members with children and cat-friendly canines. He will play bring as well as any kind of retriever, learns methods easily and also loves the interest he receives from children that treat him nicely and with respect.

He lives peacefully with pet cats as well as pets who respect his authority. Always introduce pets gradually as well as in controlled circumstances to guarantee that they learn to get on together.

Javanese Type Vs. Mixed

Javanese felines have a number of significant top qualities that can aid you obtain a pure-blooded pet cat and also not a mixed breed.

Javanese felines are really spirited. As a result, if you see a pet cat who is not playing practically continuously, then you are not considering a Javanese, or it has health issues.

Javanese felines vocalize with their loved ones to reveal their demands. If the pet cat seems quiet, pass on it if you are looking for a pedigreed pet.

Javanese felines have tuft on their tails. These hairs that may be long and also seem misplaced helps to determine this breed.

All Javanese felines have blue eyes. If the pet cat has a different color eye, then you know it is not a purebred animal. Furthermore, the eyes ought to be almond form and aimed towards the nose.

The layer ought to not have an undercoat. If it does, then it is not a pure-blooded pet. In addition, the layer must be soft and have a shiny obtain to it.

Check the toes. There must be 5 toes on each of the back paws and 4 toes on the front claws.

Types of Javanese Cats and Shades

As of May 1, 2008, the Javanese or Colorpoint Longhair entered into the Balinese breed, according to the Cat Fanciers of America. They acknowledge numerous colors in Javanese pet cats.

As of 2020, 27 various combinations are acknowledged in Javanese or Colorpoint Longhair cats. They are broken down into three huge groups.

The Feline Fanciers of America recognizes six solid shade point hair patterns. These are red, cream, cinnamon, fawn, smoke, and also other smoke shades.

These cats have a white body with color patches sometimes, as well as their face, ears, feet, tail, as well as scrotum, when present, ought to reveal shade. These Javanese pet cats should have tinted nose natural leather and paw pads representing their color group.

The company recognizes 15 lynx point color mixes in Javanese or Colorpoint Longhair cats. These include seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon, fawn, and silver. There are likewise numerous recognized lynx lotion colorations recognized, including fawn, lilac, as well as blue. Additionally, you can locate seal and also chocolate torte lynx point pet cats.

Javanese Frequently Asked Questions.

Are Javanese herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

Javanese are Omnivores, meaning they eat both plants as well as other animals.

What Kingdom do Javanese belong to?

Javanese come from the Kingdom Animalia.

What course do Javanese come from?

Javanese belong to the class Mammalia.

What phylum to Javanese belong to?

Javanese belong to the phylum Chordata.

What household do Javanese belong to?

Javanese belong to the family Felidae.

What order do Javanese belong to?

Javanese come from the order Carnivora.

What genus do Javanese belong to?

Javanese come from the genus Felis.

What type of covering do Javanese have?

Javanese are covered in hair.

How many babies do Javanese have?

The typical number of babies a Javanese has is 7.

What is an interesting reality about Javanese?

Javanese have features that closely look like a Siamese cat!

What is the taxonomic name for the Javanese?

The taxonomic name for the Javanese is Felis catus.

Just how much does a Javanese Pet Cat Price?

It can be really tough to discover a Javanese feline at any kind of price. If you do, then anticipate to pay regarding $2,000.

Are Javanese Pet Cats Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Javanese pet cats are taken into consideration to be hypoallergenic. The truth that they lost very little makes this set of the very best long-haired cat breeds for allergy sufferers.

Are Javanese Pet Cats Friendly?

Yes, Javanese felines are extremely pleasant. They want to be with their owners as much as feasible. Anticipate the Javanese feline to always want to be right with you despite your task.

What is the Personality of a Javanese Cat?

Javanese pet cats are very smart. They like to stay right by yourself as well as involve themselves in everything that you are doing. This type is very dependent on you to lead the way, and it does not such as to be laid off for extended periods.

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