Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds : 9 Bunnies with Floppy Ears

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Lop eared rabbit breeds can be easily identified due to their big ears, which are floppy. It is believed that the American Rabbit Breeders Association accepts five breeds, and the latest species of lop-eared breeds are being developed.

The lop-eared rabbit is very popular among owners of rabbits in the house however, their distinctive ears need a bit more attention. Make sure that the ears of your lop are clean both on the inside and outside as they can be susceptible to accumulation of particles.

Truth About Floppy-Eared Bunnies

Floppy-eared rabbits, also referred to as lop-eared rabbits, can be more prone to severe ear and tooth problems than upright-eared domestic rabbits, as per new research. These findings raise serious questions about the wisdom breeding lop rabbits as adorable as they are.

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The floppy-eared rabbit doesn’t exist in the wild. Instead, they’re result of artificial selection, in which breeders have chosen for their drooping ears.

The natural processes of evolution would not have come up with the rabbit with lops, in which an essential tool for their survival–their ears that resemble radars–is rendered useless because of their sloppy position.

Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds : Bunnies with Floppy Ears

Naturally, breeders aren’t working to breed rabbits that are fit to survive on the open field, yet new study released in Vet Record reveals that lop rabbits aren’t capable of living in domestic environments as well.

The paper, written by Jade Johnson and Charlotte Burn from the Royal Veterinary College in the United Kingdom, presents evidence that shows that lop rabbits are significantly more likely to suffer from dental and ear pain ailments than rabbits from domestic settings with normal ears that are upright.

In addition, the artificial selection of ears that are drooping has had the effect of altering the form of the rabbit’s skull which makes the jaw smaller than normal. Together, the atypical ears and skull that is not as normal can trigger a series of health issues.

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According to an article in the British Medical Journal press release the these rabbits have ear canals that are narrow, and the consequent reduction in airflow results in that earwax accumulates in time, leading to painful ear infections, and eventually hearing loss.

Additionally changes to their skull’s shape can affect the teeth of lop rabbits and the jaw, which can lead to overgrown teeth. This results in discomfort and issues with eating.

Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds

One of the most adorable features of rabbits is their ears. When they have floppy soft ears that hang above their faces they have an even more charming appearance.

When it comes to the long-eared rabbits, there are a variety of varieties to pick from. There are more popular breeds, and also rabbits that we’re sure you’ve never heard of up to now.

In the following article we will discuss nine breeds of lop-eared rabbits. We will provide details on each breed of rabbit with a long-eared coat, and we will share some of the cutest photos we have found!

The Top 9 Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds Are:

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If you’re unfamiliar with this term “lop” refers to ears which drop down instead of standing upright on the head of the rabbit. As we’ve mentioned there are numerous kinds of long-eared rabbit breeds as well as a myriad of varieties of ears themselves.

A lop ear doesn’t necessarily require touching the floor. The ears could be short or medium-length. The only requirement is that they are able to flop around most lovingly. Let’s an examination of these dogs:

  1. Miniature Lop-Eared

The tiny lop-eared bunny is a tiny species in the rabbit kingdom. They are short and soft fur and are extremely sweet. They are wonderful pets that require minimal maintenance.

However they may develop health issues that you need to know about, so that you are aware of it when it does occur.

  1. American Fuzzy Lop Eared

The name suggests that this bunny with a long eared was born by the United States. It has a thick coat of fur that’s not so soft like their Angora relatives.

The fur of these dogs is usually stressed and well…fuzzy. The breed is full of energy, and they are extremely loving. They will require a significant amount of grooming.

  1. French Lop Eared Rabbit

The next rabbit is a large one. This rabbit can be huge and be over 13 pounds. Because of their size, they are a bit difficult to handle because they may accidentally kick or scratch.

In addition they are charming and affectionate personalities that are adorned with fluffy fur coats.

  1. English Lop Eared

The English lopped-eared rabbit is another big as well as a keeper animal that could reach 11 pounds. Because of their size they require plenty of space to run around. This rabbit is also a little fluffy fur and a the most adorable personalities.

  1. Lop Eared Lionhead

The name of the rabbit is apt the rabbit in question is famous for its lion-like coat of fur on their shoulders and head.

The Lionhead tends to be smaller and they may lose its “mane” as they grow into adulthood, but it’s not always. They can also be very active and energetic young children.

  1. Holland Lop Eared

The Holland Llop is a small breed that is small in size. They stand straight and are short-furred with a variety of patterns and colors.

They are large and have deep shoulders, and are quick and agile. They are the most well-known kind of rabbit.

  1. German Lop Eared

This sturdy bunny is sturdy and has frames that are slender. They are characterized by short to medium fur that is extremely soft and is available in a variety of designs and colors.

One distinctive feature of this rabbit is their crown like fur on their ears. They also can grow to six pounds.

  1. Cashmere Lop Eared

This rabbit with a long tail was named for their extremely soft fur. They have the fur that is the longest of the lop-eared breed however, they are quite tiny and don’t get larger than 4 pounds once they’re fully mature.

Due to their lengthy fur they require more grooming and they have ears that are medium-length.

  1. Plush Lop Eared

It is a breed created by humans that is brand new on the market. The rabbit with plush fur has been developed to exhibit the best characteristics of kinds of rabbits, including fluffy fur and long ears and a gentle nature.

They sport shiny, thick coats that are medium in length with large eyes. They are also regarded as a work in development.

Bunnies with Floppy Ears – Some of The Common Types

French Lops

One of the most imposing breeds of lop-eared rabbits the French lop was created in France through the crossing of two species of lops. French lops weigh approximately 10 pounds.

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They also have ears that rest under the jaws and are more than a foot. They must be kept in an outdoor enclosure, with a fellow rabbit or inside with ample space for exercise.

They aren’t the most well-known breed of pet lop, however their ears are fascinating to look at if you have the opportunity to meet one.

The Mini Lop

It is not to be confused UK’s dwarf lop or miniature lop the mini lop is the largest lop-eared type within the United States. Mini lops are well-known at shows for rabbits and can weigh up to six pounds (larger than most people would expect the mini lop can be).

The requirements for housing aren’t so demanding as the larger lop varieties , according to Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America. These lops are commonly used as house rabbits.

The Original Lops

Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds 2

One of the two lop-eared rabbit breeds that were used to breed French Lops, English Lops are the first Lops. They are believed to be very inactive, which is why overweight is a significant issue with this breed.

Large hutches are necessary due to their dimensions. The ears of these rabbits average 20 inches long which is the longest of any rabbit breed. And at the age of 4 weeks the ears of their mates are bigger than their bodies!

The American Fuzzy

The distinct short and fluffy wool makes the American fluffy lop apart from the comparable Holland lop.

With a weight of 4 pounds when they reach adulthood, this type of lop-eared animal is compact and is akin to similar to the Holland lop, with the exception of the wool coat that has a lot in common with the coat similar to that of Angora rabbit (a cross of the Holland lop and the Angora rabbit).

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They’re very fun, lively, and full of personality, and appreciate the company of other rabbits. Their wool is difficult to tidy and manage.

A True Dwarf

At a weight of 3.5 pounds they are perfect for a pet to keep in the house. They are not aggressive and are distinct than the American fuzzy lops in that they don’t have fur, but wool, and are the true dwarf breed.

They are tiny and make wonderful household pets. These rabbits are extremely popular for children due to their tiny dimensions.

Caring for Lop-Eared Rabbits

Alongside the basic rabbit maintenance, all lop-eared rabbits require special care for their ears.1 Because of their size, fold position and the delicate nature of their ears injury and infections in the ear are not uncommon, and can be prevented with proper care.

How to Buy

Lops are available through private breeders and pet stores, fairs, county fairs and 4-H clubs or taken home by a rabbit rescue group. The county fair, pet store rabbits, and 4-H are generally inexpensive, costing approximately $20.

Private breeders are charged around $40, while high-end show rabbits could cost higher. Prices can vary based on the breed, and the past of the rabbit. rabbits that are rescued are definitely accessible if you don’t have a specific preference.

Facts About Bunnies with Floppy Ears

The new findings raise questions regarding the safety of breeding with lop rabbits. As the researchers stated it’s a problem which isn’t limited to purebred dogs.

“Breeding animals for extreme traits is coming under scrutiny, and has thus far mostly focused on dogs,” Johnson and Burn wrote Johnson and Burn the paper. their research paper.

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“However, the ethics of breeding extreme rabbit conformations, such as [floppy] ears and brachycephaly, is also starting to be debated.”

In fact, studies are increasing revealing the misery of purebred dogs that because of massive inbreeding, suffer from a myriad of psychological and physical issues.

Like purebred dogs rabbits are available in many breeds, like the popular Holland lop English lop and American fluffy lop.

They can be “among the most common pet rabbit breed groups,” according to the latest paper. In the UK for instance they now account for more than 50% of all rabbits that are pet-friendly in the UK.

However, the health risks related to lops have been reported in anecdotal reports. Despite the fact that Charles Darwin noticed their oddly shape skulls, evidence linking the peculiarities with suffering among lop rabbits is absent. This study was an attempt to remedy this gap.

In the course of their study, Johnson and Burn studied 15 rabbits with floppy ears and 15 domesticated rabbits with erect ears, all of them rescue animals living in animal shelters.

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The researchers discovered that lops are 43 times as likely have ear canals that are narrow that, as previously mentioned, can result in a dangerous accumulation of earwax.

Floppy-eared rabbits were 15 times more likely be afflicted with pain when they were examining their ears.

Regarding their teeth, lops were more likely to have molars that had grown too large and thirteen times more likely possess sharper teeth than the non-lops.

They also had a greater tendency to develop molar spurs which is when molars become sharper points due to uneven wear and tear.

Although half of rabbits with lops had the dental anomalies however none of these issues were observed in the 15 upright-eared rabbits.

As for the study’s limitations, researchers employed a limited sample size, and the study was restricted to observational analysis–that was, the researchers were capable of identifying correlations that linked physical anomalies to health problems.

It’s also important to note that rescue rabbits might not be a true representation of rabbits who live in homes with loving families. In fairness, these aren’t big flaws and the evidence is quite conclusive. Many bunnies with floppy ears are suffering due to the way they’ve been raised.

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“This brings into debate the ethics of breeding and buying lop-eared rabbits, as they appear more likely to suffer from these conditions, which can be painful and often chronic or recurrent,” the authors concluded in their study.

If it’s a pet or cat their well-being and well-being must always be prioritised over our pleasure in appearance.

It’s not easy to resist the appeal of those ears that are falling off However, prospective buyers should be aware of their new pet’s overall health.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed all the varieties of rabbits with lop ears. They are adorable and floppy-eared. can be small or large solid, tricolored or solid and even lap or energetic pets.

Each one has distinct individual personalities and come from various backgrounds. One thing they share is the adorable, long-eared looks which are adorable beyond words.

If you’re considering adopting a long-eared rabbit as a pet, we hope you revisit and read our other guides.

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