Pearl Gourami Fish Species Guide (Tank Mates, Size, Care and Diet)

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Pearl Gouramis are a pleasure and Unique freshwater fish which we urge quite frequently. Perhaps not only do Perl Gourami seem great, but caring for them is still pretty damn simple. They are hardy fish that will not result in trouble on your tank. You might even maintain them into reasonably-sized tanks that’s a requirement for all aquarists.

However there are several Things you will have to learn whether you would like to keep them live long, happy lives. This manual lays out all of the crucial components of pearl gourami maintenance to ensure possessing one is a slice of cake.

Pearl Gourami

The Pearl Gourami isn’t just among the very appealing gouramis, but also among the quickest and easiest to maintain. It’s a labyrinth fish, which means it is ready to breathe with gulping air at the surface of the tank.

Like any other labyrinth fish, even the pearl gourami can really happen; do not be shocked if you listen to your furry friend”speaking” with growling or croaking sounds, particularly when fighting or breeding.

Gourami are a favorite Collection of bass and among the most well-known varieties is that the pearl.

Pearl Gourami 1

They’ve a lovely Set of white stains throughout their entire body and big delicate fins; this makes an extremely attractive fish to the aquarium.

It is helpful to have a bit Expertise while keeping those fish. They can easily enable you to create some newcomer mistakes, particularly once you maintain a breeding team.

Species Overview

COMMON NAMES: Pearl gourami, mosaic gourami, lace gourami, diamond gourami, leeri gourami

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Trichopodus leerii

ADULT SIZE: 4.5 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 4 to 5 years

Characteristics of Pearl Gourami

OriginMalaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and Thailand
SocialPeaceful but males may be territorial
Tank LevelTop, mid-dweller
Minimum Tank Size20 gallons
BreedingBubble nest builder
pH5.5 to 7.5
Hardness2 to 30 dH
Temperature77 F to 82 F (25 C to 28 C)


This guide will teach you how to care for your pearl gourami, ideal tank mates, what size they should grow to and much more…

Care Level:Medium
Color Form:White Spots with a Black Stripe Along the Middle
Lifespan:Up to 5 Years
Size:4-5 inches
Minimum Tank Size:30 Gallons
Tank Set-Up:Freshwater: Heavily Planted
Compatibility:Peaceful Communities


Origin and Supply

This species appears in Thailand, Malaysia, and also the Islands of Borneo and Sumatra. They favor acidic water located in lowland swamps close to the ocean.

Some pearl gouramis are introduced into Singapore and Colombia. It is uncommon to locate crazy pearl gourami available as a aquarium fish since many are bred in captivity.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species lists the status of the species as Near Threatened because of damming and water control usage, alterations of its natural ecosystems because of logging, and lead harvesting of these wild populations of the fish.

Pearl Gourami Overview

Pearl Gourami 2

Pearl gourami (Trichopodus leerii) are freshwater bass out of The Osphronemidae household . This family comprises a lot of distinct gourami species, for instance, popular dwarf and singing varieties.

Due to the patterns Across their entire body, they are occasionally called lace, diamond, or walnut gourami, however, those titles are somewhat less common.

They are indigenous to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are in shallow tropical waters with loads of vegetation and polluted water.

Now you can Locate Them All around the world since they are bred in captivity to get its fish maintaining sector. These fish can at times be demanding are best for people who have some experience under their belt.

With a Tiny know-how They are rather simple to maintain. This makes them hot for home aquariums, particularly when coupled with their complex patterns which make them among the very eye-catching tropical fish round.

You’ll Locate Them in a lot of distinct fish shops and you ought to be able to select up one for about $5.

Should you purchase fish that is healthy, once Settled to the tank that they could live as many as five decades.

Pearl Gourami Appearance

Pearl Gouramis

Their look is that the Main reason pearl gourami are a sought after species.” It is difficult to deny their attractiveness. The entire body is coated in white, pearl-like stains, giving them their title; and also a slender, black bar runs across their own side.

The stains make them readily Distinguishable from many other gourami species, however their fins, dimensions, and colours are distinct also.

They have lean, big and Wide fins. These provide them a tasteful and delicate appearance. Because their hooks are so large, they’re a prime goal for fin-nipping fish, therefore keep them split.

A set of altered pelvic Fins are available hanging under them while they float. These lean fins are almost so long as your system. Concerning dimensions, pearl gourami may increase into 4-5 inches.

It’s easy to tell men and Females apart. Males create a reddish breast as they grow, which makes brighter when breeding and turns them in to among the most vibrant fish round . Their dorsal fins are too.

Colours and Markings

Like many others in its own Loved Ones, the human body shape is elongated and laterally compressed. The ventral fins are thin and long, and they possess the look of extended feelers.

Your mouth is small and upturned. Pearl and brown flecks covering the entire body give it a mother of pearl look, where it derives its title. A flat black line runs from your mouth into the tail, where it finishes at a place.


Pearl gourami Are Usually calm fish that perform well In a tank ; nevertheless, avoid keeping them together with excessively aggressive tankmates.

There are a couple exceptions to the rule: Even the men, particularly, could be competitive to the others of the very same species (or other gouramis generally ).

It’s ideal to maintain these fish together with others of roughly precisely the exact same size and temperament however, they’re also able to live happily with other small schooling fish. If you’re keeping a couple pearl gouramis, a fantastic group contains one male and many females.

Pearl Gourami Habitat and Care

Pearl Gourami 4

Accustomed to heavy vegetation in their own habitat, Pearl gouramis will flourish if given comparable conditions from the aquarium. Floating plants, dimmed light, and also a dark substrate are perfect.

Even though they prefer soft, acidic waterthey are adaptable to a variety of water requirements. This adaptability along with their tranquil temperament make them ideal for tanks.

Pearl Gourami Diet and Feeding

Pearl gouramis will take in lots of foods and are normally Quite simple to nourish. Flake, freeze-dried, and frozen foods are readily taken. For optimal wellness, provide fresh vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, cooked peas, and lettuce as part of a diverse diet.

Live foods like blackworms, brine shrimp, and glass worms are a fantastic cure and needs to be utilized when cleansing fish to breeding.

Food & Diet of Pearl Gouramis

Pearl gouramis are omnivores that Provides you A good deal of alternatives in regards to their dietplan. The principal point to concentrate on is equilibrium and an comprehension of their preferred nutrient intake because they will eat nearly anything.

In their natural habitat, all these fish will Bite on plenty of pests and other protein-rich food resources such as algae and eggs. They are also totally okay with nibbling on crops when it strikes their fancy.

When it comes to their diet in captivity You will need to be certain they have a fantastic foundation of fish foods out of pelles or flake food. Any reliable food is good.

Additionally, it is wise to combine in some food. This won’t simply provide them a high quality supply of nourishment but it is going to offer enrichment to them too. Live food is a superb method to activate hunting instincts that reduces anxiety levels (it is also enjoyable to see ).

Some Excellent live pearl gourami food choices are:

· Brine shrimp

· Bloodworms

· Black worms

· Glass worms

You should make certain not to overfeed your Pearl Gourami since they will keep to scarf down whatever that you put in the tank. Aim for a few feedings every day.

Additionally, watch them whenever they eat (notably Early ) and should you find a great deal of food becoming missed, then dial back the quantity.

Uneaten food will wind up organic waste that may have a seriously damaging effect on the standard of your water, also increase ammonia levels too.

Gender Differences

Male enhancement gouramis have thinner, more womanly bodies than females. In addition they have slightly different hooks, game a reddish breastfeeding, and are typically more colorful than females.

Adult men are easy to differentiate from the females with their heavy red-orange coloration around the breast and throat feeding.

Another hint is that the dorsal fin that’s more and more pointed to the male compared to female. If ready to devour, the female is going to have a far sexier body compared to the man.

Behavior & Temperament

Among the Very Best Matters regarding pearl gourami is the materialistic character. These are extremely peaceful fish generally and will get together with a vast selection of other aquatic creatures.

The one time that This fish could be more prone to aggression is through the reproduction or reproduction procedure. This happens mainly with the men, but you are going to observe that the feminine pearl gourami will behave more on-edge also.

Like other Gouramis, those fish possess a labyrinth organ that they use to inhale. It works pretty much as a lung, so that they will need to stop by the surface occasionally so as to acquire air.

As a Result of This, You will frequently notice that your pearl gourami spending nearly all of the time at the top half of the tank. Bear this in mind if you anticipate incorporating floating plants into your aquarium. You do not wish to obstruct their route !

Lifespan of Perl Gourami

The Typical pearl gourami lifespan is about 4-5 decades. There are documented cases at which fish has left it beyond 6 decades old, but that is quite rare.

Supplying the Proper pearl gourami maintenance is Essential if you would like your fish to reach on the upper-end of the life span range. While they are usually easy to take care of, you are able to shorten their life span considerably in the event that you don’t supply them with all the habitat illness they want.

Pearl Gouramis – Look & Feature

Pearl gouramis are a unique and vibrant freshwater fish, There is no denying this. It is most likely the principal reason you locate them in a lot of aquariums!

A good deal of fish are sturdy and easy to take care of, but their appearance makes them stand outside.

Their Name stems from the simple fact that this fish has been marked with small white dots which extend over the great majority of their bodies such as their caudal and dorsal fins.

The only location where you will not have the ability to come across these dots is to a little patch beneath their mouth which extends marginally down for their stomach.

These pearl-like Dots produce an extremely entrancing visual particularly when they are swimming. From the ideal angle they virtually glitter!

Another trademark Characteristic of the pearl gourami is that the black line That runs down the center of the entire body, starting on their mouth and end at the commencement of their caudal fin.

The shadow of the light may fluctuate slightly based on the coloration of all the remaining part of the bass, however it is always rather noticeable.

Their bodies are Thin and flat but they are fairly tall and extended (like the dwarf gourami). This provides them a small bit of a”sideways pancake” appear whilst still looking long and quick!

Another different Feature of pearl gourami is the thin and long ventral fins. These dangle whenever they float and may extend beyond the conclusion of the caudal fins sometimes. They seem sort of humorous but we think that it’s a cute appearance.

Pearl Gourami Size

The Typical pearl gourami dimension is someplace Involving 4-5 inches. This dimension applies to your own entire body and does not count any incentive span they may get out of their regular fins.

The dimensions of the fish could be affected by a Number of variables such as:

· Genetics

· Care

· Age

· Gender

Pearl Gourami Care

As we mentioned previously, pearl gourami maintenance Is not exactly rocket science. These fish are rather low-maintenance and do not demand a great deal of additional focus, unlike various other species.

But you definitely must understand the Essentials if you would like them to stay happy and wholesome lives. We constantly encourage fish proprietors to know as much in their fish as you can, since you will never know if it will be convenient later on.

Breeding the Pearl Gourami

Breeding is comparatively straightforward. Before breeding feed The pair frozen or live brine shrimp and additives for elimination. Supply lots of plants and increase the water temperature to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reduce the water from the container to a degree of approximately six inches. When fry have simple accessibility to surface it promotes normal maturation of the labyrinth organ.

The Method starts when the man builds a bubblenest of Up to ten inches in diameter towards the floating crops; spawning will happen under it. Following the nest is finished, he’ll start to show into the feminine.

As the feminine approaches the nest, the two fish could be viewed touching each other using their feelers.

During spawning, the man wraps his body across the Female that will discharge tens of thousands of eggs. A lot more spawnings happen and 200 to 300 eggs might be generated. The eggs float upward to the nest and the man shepherds almost glamorized.

After the eggs are laid, the feminine is chased off. It’s ideal to eliminate her at the stage or she might be severely hurt by the shield man.

The man then tends into the eggs until they hatch. After Roughly four times, each one the fry (baby fish) is going to soon be swimming and the man should subsequently be eliminated to prevent him mistaking the youthful for food.

Take the fry liquid meals or infusoria culture a few Times every day. Provide recently hatched or frozen brine fish at approximately two months old. Fine-ground flake foods might be provided once they’re approximately one month old.

Play water changes every two to three times. Since the fry grows bigger, disperse them involving several tanks to decrease the deadly build-up of wastes. Inadequate growth or abrupt reduction of recurrence is often as a result of excess waste producing bad water quality.

Frequent Diseases

The pearl gourami is a Fairly durable species which is not Vulnerable to a selection of ailments like any other sorts of fish. But, there’s 1 disorder which appears to irritate this fish over any other people, which disorder is rot.

Fin rot is a fungal illness which leads to damaged or Rotting tissue onto the bottoms of the fish (duh). It is going to almost always begin at the edges of the fin prior to working its way . If left untreated, it may advance all of the way to the bottom of the fin that is affected.

While It’s possible to deal with bone decay in pearl gourami, it is Much less difficult to block it from occurring altogether. You see, even the primary source of the disease is poor water quality.

Provided That you are diligent about Checking amounts, doing water changes, and tracking your fish, it is very Unlikely this will have an effect on your pearl gourami.

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