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Yorkillon (Papillon Yorkie Mix) Info

The Yorkillon, a tiny hybrid of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Papillon, is well-known for its devotion to its owner and sound personality. The Yorkillon has a small, slightly round head, a narrow muzzle that tapers towards the nose, large, round eyes and large ears that can be either erect, or dropped. The extra frill is found on the ears, tail, chest, back and back.

Yorkillon is a mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Papillon. You’re likely to see a small dog with big personality if you are familiar with either of these breeds. This description is perfect for the Yorkillon.

Yorkillons are loyal, intelligent, affectionate and somewhat stubborn. They will be your best friend who gives you lots of attention, sometimes driving you insane. Yorkillons are great for apartment living, provided they get enough exercise and care.

Continue reading to find out more about Yorkillons and to determine if they are the right breed for you.

Yorkillon Basics

It is difficult to tell if the hybrid dogs are bigger than their ears or hearts. Their attitude is not a distant second. Yorkillons are small, but powerful dogs that will charm you.

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These spunky, spunky dogs are known for their adorable faces and sweet nature. These unique designer dogs are great companions if they have the right pawrents. They are playful, intelligent, affectionate and smart.

Yorkillon’s family tree can reveal a lot about these hybrids. This cutie, like all crossbreeds is also the result of two purebreds. His parents are the gentle Papillon and spunky Yorkshire Terrier.

The unique combination of these parents creates a beautiful dog that often blends the best of both breeds. Yorkillons can be friendly, sweet, and enjoyable to live with if they are raised in a responsible manner.

The Yorkillon, like all dog breeds is, can be a great pet but not for everyone. Learn more about the Yorkillon, a rare designer breed of dog. Find out if your family’s personality and needs match theirs.

3 Little-Known Facts About Yorkillons

1. They go by several different names.

While Yorkillon is the most commonly used, you might also see these mixed breeds referred to as a Papa-Shire, Papiyork, or a Yorkie-Pap.

2. The Yorkillon doesn’t think it’s a toy breed.

Like many small dogs, the Yorkillon thinks it’s much bigger than it is. They tend to be very brave and will yap at and run towards dogs many times their size.

3. The Yorkillon can sport several hairstyles.

Yorkillon’s adorable looks and sweet nature ensure these sassy, spunky pooches get away with a lot of mischief.

The Yorkillon is sweet, cute, and friendly.

It should not be surprising that a rare breed has a mysterious history. The Yorkillon is not the only designer dog breed that doesn’t have a documented history.

One can guess that the Yorkie/Papillon mix was created somewhere in the United States in the past 20 years. Yorkillons can be enigmatic, even though we don’t know the origin of the breed or its creation.

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His parents’ long and impressive histories speak volumes about the mixed breed dog.

The Yorkshire Terrier began his journey in England in 19th century as a vermin hunter.

Because of his sweet personality, and beautiful looks, this breed quickly rose to the status to be a show dog and pet and not a working terrier. The Papillon was born in France as lap dogs for nobles and royals. They are one of the oldest toy spaniels and can be easily identified in portraits dating back to 1500.

The Yorkillon will also be a result of the years of selective breeding that has been done to perfect these breeds. These designer dogs are a perfect example of the saying, “blood is thicker than water”.

Yorkillon is a mix of two popular purebred toy dogs, 50/50. The breed is also known by other names such as Papa-Shire and Papiyork. This breed was created by crossing the silky-coated Yorkshire Terrier with the butterfly-eared Papillon.

Combining these two breeds can result in unique dogs. This is mostly due to the fact the majority of Yorkillons were first-generation mixes. Puppies can look very different if they are born to purebred parents.

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Yorkillons may have large Papillon ears. Others could have the typical bi-color Yorkie coat. Although you can’t predict what the puppies will look like, it is part of designer dogs charm. Pawrents love dogs that are unique but have a large family tree.

This enthusiasm is not shared by all breeders. Although there aren’t many breeders who do this, there are some dedicated to multigenerational breeding. This involves further cross-breeding with Yorkillons, Yorkies or Papillons – depending on the ultimate goal of the breeder.

Yorkillons may not have 50/50 mix. They could be 25% Yorkie or have two Yorkillon parents. There are many options!

Food/Diet for Papillon Yorkie Mix

Your pet’s overall health is directly affected by their diet. Dogs are omnivores. They need a well-balanced and complete diet in order to thrive. Yorkillons love premium dry food.

Kibble is suitable for small breed dogs and meets their nutritional needs. Yorkillon’s tendency to develop plaque and tooth decay is prevented by feeding dry food and practicing good hygiene.

Yorkillons have specific dietary requirements. Make sure the kibble you choose is made with quality ingredients, fits your dog’s size and activity level as well as their age (puppy, adult and senior). The best match is often a small or toy dog formula.

The first step in choosing the right food for Yorkillon is to choose the right food. Yorkillons are small and susceptible to obesity so it is important to not feed them too much.

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Your pet doesn’t need to eat a lot or have a lot of kibble. This will cause them to gain weight, which can lead to a host of health problems. Keep to the recommended serving sizes. Yorkies usually need less than one cup of kibble each day.


The Yorkillon could be difficult to housebreak, so start with potty training first.

Yorkillon’s ability to train is largely dependent on the parent who is dominant. The Yorkie and Papillon are both intelligent dogs. However, the Papillon is more willing to please and stubborn than the Yorkie.

These designer dogs fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, making them both suitable for experienced and beginner owners. It’s not difficult to train Yorkillons, regardless of their parent.

Positive reinforcement is key. Instead of yelling and punishing your pet, use praise and treats to motivate them. These aversive techniques are not only cruel but also counterproductive.

The Yorkillon is not unlike other toy-sized dogs. It can be difficult for them to get used to being housebroken. Start with potty training. Your dog will need to be socialized regularly, in addition to basic obedience training.

Your puppy should be exposed to different situations, such as children and pets. He should also interact with other dogs and people. This will help prevent behavioral problems and ensure your pet is friendly and easygoing.

The Yorkillon’s parents are both toy dogs, so it is not surprising that they are a small dog. These designer dogs average between 6-8 pounds.

Yorkillons are loving, affectionate, and very dedicated to their families. Yorkillons will give you unconditional love and return the favor. Yorkie-Papillon mix love to be spoiled, loved and adored by their owners.

This hybrid may not be right for you if you work long hours, have pets or are already a pet owner. They can be velcro dogs and don’t enjoy sharing love and attention with other four-legged friends.

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Yorkillons are intelligent and curious. They love to play with puzzle toys or just be around you. Yorkillons are bright and can be very creative. However, they will sometimes chew your shoes or become destructive.

Common Health Problems

Although mixed breed dogs are sometimes less susceptible to certain breed-specific problems than purebreds, this is not a universal rule.

Your Yorkillon’s health and lifestyle will have a huge impact on how they are raised. You can ensure your designer dog is healthy and happy by not going to pet shops or backyard breeders.

You should only consider breeders who offer health guarantees. Otherwise, you could end up with a sick dog that was bred to be abused.

Even with healthy parents, Yorkillons can still be susceptible to the same issues as the Papillon. These include epilepsy, patellar luxation and diabetes.

The Yorkillon, one of the smallest dogs, is known for being long-lived. These hybrids can live for between 13 and 15 years if they are healthy and come from a good breeding line.

The Yorkillon is an energetic, lively dog. However, they don’t need to be pushed around for hours playing fetch or daily hikes in order to get their energy back. They would probably not be able to endure such an exercise regimen without falling apart first. However, you shouldn’t worry about their energetic nature requiring high-maintenance exercise.

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They will feel satisfied and healthy if they spend around 40-60 minutes playing or walking. These hybrids, like all dogs, need to be outdoors daily and engaged in mentally stimulating activities.

Yorkillons are great companions for seniors and retirees due to their moderate activity requirements.

Pet owners who live in large cities or apartments will also find the Yorkie/Papillon mix a great fit. They are small and can spend very little time outside, which is great if you don’t have a large backyard.

Owing to their moderate activity needs, Yorkillons are a great choice for retirees or seniors.

Designer dogs are considered mixed breed dogs by major canine organizations. The American Kennel Club and its international counterparts do not recognize hybrids as breeds.

However, crossbreeds are recognized by smaller clubs. Yorkillon is recognized as a breed by American Canine Hybrid Club.

Yorkillons have a soft, fine coat that makes them look elegant. This is not the only thing that can be said about this breed’s hair. Their appearances will vary greatly because they are crossbreeds between two purebreds that have different types of hair.

If the Yorkie is dominant, some dogs may shed less. Some dogs might shed more seasonally than their Papillon parents. These designer dogs will not require much maintenance. Their hair will stay tangle-free by regular combing with a slicker toothbrush.

papillon yorkie mix 5

There are many options for their fur colors. Yorkillons come in a variety of colors, including sable and white as well as bi-color or tri-color combinations that are typical for their parents.

Papillon Yorkie Mix Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier and Papillon puppy mix will be small, fragile and energetic. Yorkillon puppies are prone to mischief, especially in their early years.

Children shouldn’t be allowed to play with them without supervision. They can easily get hurt by poor handling.

It is important to start obedience training and socialization early. This will help build your pet’s character as well as prevent any potential behavioral problems.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Yorkillon

Yorkillons are intelligent, sweet, loyal and intelligent dogs. Yorkillons can have some negative traits as well, including stubbornness and distrustful behavior towards strangers. Although this breed is loyal to its family and loves to please, it can sometimes choose to follow its own path. Some of these undesirable traits can be controlled by training.

Are Yorkillon Dogs Good for Families?

Yorkillons are a great dog for the right family. Yorkillons are tiny and can get hurt by rough play. Yorkillons are not suitable for families with young children.

Families with older children who have been trained to play with dogs are allowed. As long as there is enough attention, the Yorkillon can be used by singles or couples.

Yorkillons are known for their loyalty to their owners. Although this loyalty is very charming, it can be a problem if the dog is not socialized at an early age.

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Training your dog properly and making sure that your dog is given lots of attention can help to eliminate undesirable behaviors like yipping, destructive chewing, and nippiness.

Does Yorkillon Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

If socialized early in life, the Yorkillon will be able to get along with other pets. Yorkillons can become aggressive and nippy towards other animals if this is not done. Yorkillons can also be jealous if they are not treated well by their owners so make sure to show them love.

Things to Know When Owning a Yorkillon:

You should familiarize yourself with your pet’s needs and personality before bringing it into your home. To ensure a happy and healthy life, pets require specific care, including exercise, nutrition, grooming, and medical attention.

Food & Diet Requirements

Yorkillons are small enough that they don’t need much food. It is important that Yorkillons are fed high-quality dog food designed for small dogs. Your dog should eat approximately 1/2 to 1 cup per day. This range will vary depending on their age, appetite and activity level. It is best to give your dog two meals. To avoid your dog begging, limit treats and feeding other than mealtimes.

Exercise of Papillon Yorkie Mix

Yorkillons are energetic and require about an hour of exercise each day. A couple of walks, along with a few play sessions, should suffice. These dogs will not tolerate extreme heat or cold. You should be careful how much time your dog spends outside in hot or cold weather.

Training of Papillon Yorkie Mix

Yorkillons are intelligent and can be trained, if they start young. Yorkillons are very friendly and love praise. These dogs can be stubborn at times. You might find them choosing to do their own thing rather than listening to you. You can get their behavior on track by being consistent.

Yorkie and Papillon have different hair types, with long hair that is medium to long and soft or fluffy. Their offspring may look more like one parent than the other. They may also have different types of hair that aren’t identical to either parent.

What’s the Price of Yorkillon Puppies?

Yorkillon puppies can be purchased for between $200 and $600. Costs will vary depending on where the puppies are available and how many there are. Do your research on the breeder before you purchase a Yorkillon.

A puppy from a puppy mill breeder is not something you want. Ask to see the records of the parents. Breeders who are good at screening their dogs for common health conditions will be able to share the records with you.

You can also look into animal shelters or rescue groups in your locality to find a puppy. Yorkillons may be available for adoption. This will save you money and save the life of an animal.

Temperament and Behavior

Yorkillons can be described as adventurous and cheerful dogs who are able to move around nimbly. Yorkillons are energetic and can run around freely, but they are also happy to sleep on their owners’ laps.

The Yorkillons are curious and active pets that come in small, sturdy packages. They take their role as guardians of the family seriously. Yorkillons are known for their large-dog attitude and their super watchdog skills. They can be alerted to any unusual or suspicious activity in the environment by their owners.

Although the Yorkie/Papillon combination can be social, they are initially suspicious of strangers. Although they can be trained to get along well with pets and strangers, it is important to keep them under close supervision as rambunctious dogs or cats could injure their claws.

Yorkillon (Yorkshire Terrier & Papillon Mix)

Take Care of Papillon Yorkie Mix

Yorkillons can be house-trained and are well-suited for indoor living. Yorkillons are energetic and love to run in a fenced yard.

Dogs that are not exercised or active enough can easily become bored and display destructive behaviors like jumping on furniture and chewing the house. Yorkillon owners must ensure their Yorkillons have at least 15-20 minutes of exercise each day.

Grooming of Papillon Yorkie Mix

Yorkillons should brush their coat 1-2 times per week. This will help distribute skin oils and keep their fur and skin healthy. You should not bathe them if they are smelling.

Yorkillons, like most small dogs, are susceptible to periodontal disease. It is important that Yorkillons brush their teeth every day to prevent tooth decay.

Your Yorkillon’s coat can be anything from silky Yorkshire Terrier hair to fluffy Papillon fur, or anywhere in between. To prevent tangles, it doesn’t matter what coat type you have.

Regularly clip your nails. It is also important to brush their teeth regularly. These dogs are more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay.

Health and Conditions of Papillon Yorkie Mix

Yorkillons can have a very long life expectancy, but they are at high risk of developing serious health problems. If you do decide to use a breeder to breed your Yorkillon, make sure they are reputable.

You can avoid health problems by feeding your dog a healthy diet and getting them exercise regularly once they’re yours.

Male vs Female

Yorkillons are similar in temperament and appearance to each other, with few differences between the male and female. A male Yorkillon might be slightly heavier than a female, but not often more than 1 pound.

Final Thoughts

Yorkillons are cute little dogs that are loyal to their owners. Yorkillons are a great choice for families with older children or for couples who have the time and energy to care for their pet. You can improve your Yorkillion’s positive traits by training and socializing him properly.

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