Great Dane Dogs And Puppies Breed Info, Pictures And Characteristics

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The easygoing Great Dane, The powerful “Apollo of Dogs,” is a complete pleasure to live together –but possessing a puppy of these a size, weight, and intensity is really a dedication to not be entered into lightly. This dog breed is really good, but maybe not a Dane.

Great Dane Appearance

The Great Dane combines, in its regal appearance, dignity, Strength and elegance with good size and a strong, well-formed, smoothly muscled body. It’s but one of those giant working breeds, but is unique in that its general conformation must be so well balanced that it never appears clumsy, and shall move with a very long reach and strong drive.

It’s obviously a device — that the Apollo of dogs. A Great Dane has to be spirited, courageous, never timid; consistently friendly and reliable.

The physical and mental combination is the characteristic which provides the excellent Dane the majesty possessed by no other breed.

About the Great Dane

great dane 2

Just as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder, Then Danes tower most Other puppies –when standing on their back legs, they’re taller than many people. These strong giants will be the image of balance and elegance, together with all the smooth and effortless stride of produced noblemen. The coat comes in various colours and patterns, possibly the most bizarre being the black patchwork pattern called “harlequin.”

Regardless of their sweet temperament, Danes are awake house guardians. Only the sight of those gentle giants is generally sufficient to create fleas think twice.

However, these foolish enough to confuse the breed’s friendliness for softness will probably satisfy a potent foe of true guts and soul. Patient with children, Danes are people pleasers that make friends easily.

  • Temperament:Friendly, Patient, Dependable
  • AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 16 of 196
  • Height: 30-32 inches (male), 28-30 inches (female)
  • Weight: 140-175 pounds (male), 110-140 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 7-10 years
  • Group: Working Group

Regardless of the dimensions, Great Danes are all considered gentle giants, are all reasonably lively and great with kids. However, an operator has to be happy to adapt the pet’s good size in respect to feeding and space, which may be expensive.

Great Dane At A Glance

Great Danes and other giant-breed dogs are vulnerable to a condition known as bloat, which involves gas buildup and possible twisting of the stomach.


Weight Range:

Male: 100-120 lbs.
Female: 100-120 lbs.

Height at Withers:

Male: 32 in.

Female: 30 in.

Bred For:

Hunting boars, guardian


Length: Short
Characteristics: Flat
Colors: Black, fawn, blue, black, harlequin
Overall Grooming Needs: Low

Club Recognition:

AKC Classification: Working
UKC Classification: Guardian Dog
Prevalence: Common


Floppy ears (naturally)


Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Average
Longevity Range: 6-8 yrs.
Tendency to Drool: High Tendency to Snore: Low
Tendency to Bark: Low
Tendency to Dig: Low Social/Attention Needs: High

Great Danes are enormous, strong and tasteful dogs. Men can reach 32 inches tall and weigh anywhere from approximately 100 to 120 pounds, whereas females might be 30 inches tall and weigh approximately 100 to 120 lbs (45 to 59 kilograms).

great dane 3

The Great Dane’s enormous head is flat and narrow at the top. The lashes are notable. The ears fall forward or so are taken to stand erect. The neck is very long and powerful. The excellent Dane’s body is very long, muscular and front legs are right. The tail is medium in length; it’s thick at the bottom and scroll down to the hocks.

Great Danes are mild to average shedders. The coat is short and glossy and comes in many different colors such as brindle or fawn, black, blue or harlequin, which includes black spots within a white backdrop.

The Great Dane breed has poor durability; Great Danes reside just 6-8 decades or even less.


Great Danes are deemed gentle giants. They’re reasonably energetic, affectionate and great with kids. They’ll guard their property. Fantastic Danes usually get along with other animals, especially if raised together, however a few folks in the breed might be competitive with dogs they don’t know.

Great Danes are deemed easy to prepare, however a few fantastic Dane fanciers state that people can be obstinate students.

Living Together:

Anyone Who needs a fantastic Dane has to be eager to adapt this pet’s size. A fantastic Dane will consume much larger amounts of food compared to a little puppy, so feeding will charge far more to get a fantastic Dane compared to sayto get a little Chihuahua.

A Great Dane should have space to maneuver and exercise, particularly when he’s young. Anyone desiring to maintain a fantastic Dane in town has to be ready to take the puppy out for very long, everyday walks.

Great Danes has to be professionally trained to ensure they’re manageable once fully grown. A condition called bloat, which entails gas accumulation and possible bending of the gut, is a genuine chance with a giant-breed puppy like the fantastic Dane.

To protect against this possibly life-threatening issue, feed 2 or three small meals every day rather than one big one, and also invite the dog to break for a minumum of one hour after ingestion.

Very big dogs also gain from elevated food bowls so that they won’t need to splay their legs to consume.


The Great Dane, also called the Apollo of dogs, is still a giant breed. The Dane is German in origin, not Danish. The breed is supposed to have existed for at least 400 decades. Excellent Danes descend out of mastiff-like dogs which were consumed by German nobility to shield nation property and hunt wild boar.

From the 18th century, Great Danes were esteemed guardians of property and carriages. They were popular with the top class for game, as several different puppies may bring down a wild boar.

The Great Danes which were like people we know now were created in the 1800s. Back in 1880the Germans prohibited the title “Great Dane” and known as the breed “Deutsche Dogge,” which signifies German mastiff nonetheless, the breed is still known as Great Dane from English speaking nations.

All these Dogs are mostly household pets also, regardless of their size, are very popular among town dwellers who maintain them to help protect against robbers.

Great Dane Dogs And Puppies

Great Dane Puppies

· The excellent Dane was initially bred to hunt wild boar, however they likely would not be really great at it now. The ferociousness essential to monitor this type of large, wily creature was finally bred from the fantastic Dane.

They are presently a tender soul that normally gets along well with other dogs, animals, and people.

But, their dimensions and their electricity bark will frighten the wits from a burglar. Anyone who owns these dogs finally knows that although you could possibly be utilized to their amazing dimensions, others typically require just a little time to get out there.

The excellent Dane was designed out of Mastiff-kind dogs, but they are more elegant than any descendants of the ancient breed. A fantastic Dane is slick and tasteful. They’ve got an athletic, muscular body.

Their large mind –and enormous is the ideal term –is narrow and long. They have got a very long, graceful neck. Some owners harvest their ears but they are better left normal. Cropped ears are somewhat typical in the united states, however in different nations, ear-cropping is prohibited.

Their dimensions can pose problems. Eyeballing a puppy who weighs up to possible makes some people nervous. Their tail could knock over a great deal of items, especially in a little space.

And given the chance, they are a remarkable counter surfer. Fortunately, they are not rambunctious or exceptionally lively.

Size however, a Great Dane is a pleasant, affectionate companion. They like to perform and so are gentle with kids. They’ve a calm disposition, though they have not lost some of their courageousness which assisted them look wild boar.

Even though they are not especially outspoken –even though their killer ability bark–they would not be afraid to protect family.

Even granted their inherent Gentleness, it is a good idea to teach them good manners and wait for obedience training courses when they are young. Their sheer size could make them less difficult to control if they are a grownup, and–as with any puppy –you will never know if they may find something they simply need to chase.

They are keen to please and Highly people-oriented, requiring a lot of attention from people around them.

They will nudge people with this large old thoughts of theirs whenever they would like to get petted. At times you’ll match one with lapdog trends who sees no reason to not jump on the couch and drape themselves.

Surprisingly, the excellent Dane generally does not consume as much food as you would think. And if they want daily exercise they do not require a massive yard to play –but they surely would like one.

Due to Their beauty and Gentle character, an increasing number of folks are finding the fantastic Dane. Just be mindful that due to the size, they have got a rather brief lifetime of about eight decades. That means that they takes up a massive area in your heart for a rather brief quantity of time.

· Highlights

The fantastic Dane is sweet, so eager to please, people-oriented, simple to housetrain, also reacts well to training with positive reinforcement.

Like most giant puppies, Great Danes are short lived.

Good Danes Demand a Great Deal of space. Though they make good house dogs, they also require a good deal of space simply to go around. There is little they can not attain –kitchen countertops and dinner tables aren’t any difficulty –and their own tails may sweep your coffee table tidy.

Everything costs more when you’ve got a huge puppy –collars, health attention, heartworm preventative, and meals.

Additionally, you are going to want both a crate along with a car that are big enough to maintain your Great Dane with no crumpling them in a pretzel. And let us face it, you’re scoop up a great deal of poop.

It requires a time for the joints and bones of dogs like Great Danes to stop climbing and eventually become steady.

Do not enable your Great Dane pup to leap, and do not take them running till they’re at least 18 months ; this is going to decrease breed on the developing bones and joints.

The Dane’s particular giant-breed nutritional needs need to be adopted, or orthopedic problems can grow.

Great Danes are not especially suited to flats or tiny homes, only because they’re really significant.

They are not jumpers, luckily, thus a six-foot fence ought to include them.

Never purchase a puppy in an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet shop. Start looking for local shelters and shelters in the event that you decide that is the breed for you.

· Background

great dane dog

Drawings of puppies that look like Fantastic Danes are discovered on Egyptian artifacts dating back to 3000 B.C. and also in Native American temples which were constructed around 2000 B.C.

There is proof that comparable dogs originated from Tibet, together with written reports of these dogs emerging in literary literature at 1121 B.C.

The breed is thought to possess Been taken into different areas of earth from the Assyrians, who exchanged their puppies into the Greeks and Romans. Even the Greeks and Romans subsequently bred these dogs along with different dog breeds.

Ancestors of those English Mastiff were likely involved with the breed growth, and a few people feel that the Irish Wolfhound or Irish Greyhound too might have played a part.

Fantastic Danes initially were Known as Boar Hounds, since boars were exactly what they have been bred to search. Their ears have been cropped to stop boar tusks from ripping them. From the 16th century, also the title of this breed has been changed to”English Dogges.”

Late in the 1600s, nevertheless, Many German nobles started keeping the greatest and most handsome of the puppies in their houses, phoning them Kammerhunde (Chamber Dogs). These puppies were wore and screened pre-assembled collars lined with lace. Talk about a pleasant life.

The title Great Dane appeared in The 1700s, when a French naturalist went to Denmark and watched a variation of this Boar Hound that had been thinner and much more like a Greyhound in look.

He predicted this puppy Grand Danois, that became Good Danish Dog, together with the massive examples of this breed known as Danish Mastiffs. The name stuckeven though Denmark didn’t develop the breed.

Most breed historians give Credit to German breeders to optimizing the breed are the most well-balanced, tasteful dog we love now. Back in 1880, judges and breeders held a meeting in Berlin and consented since the puppies that they had been breeding were clearly separate from the English Mastiff, they’d give it its name–Deutsche Dogge (German puppy ).

They based the Deutscher Doggen-Klub of all Germany, and several other European nations took up the title too.

Even the Italians and English-speaking nations did not accept this title, yet. Even now, the Italians call the breed Alano, which means Mastiff; and also from many nations, needless to say, they are known as Great Danes.

Through the late 1800s, Wealthy German breeders chose to enhance the breed. They turned his focus to the puppy’s character, since Great Danes had competitive, ferocious temperaments on account of the simple fact they were originally bred to hunt wild boar, an especially ferocious monster. These breeders attempted to generate more tender creatures, and–fortunately for us now –they triumphed.

We do not know if the initial Great Danes were attracted to the US, as well as where they came out, but the excellent Dane Club of America was made in 1889. It had been the fourth breed club permitted to combine the American Kennel Club.

· Size

Male Fantastic Danes are 30 to 34 Inches tall and weigh 120 to 200 lbs.

Girls are 28 to 32 In. Tall and weigh 100 to 130 lbs. Some dogs could be smaller or bigger than ordinary.

· Character

A well-bred Dane is one of those Best-natured puppies around. They’re sweet, gentle, affectionate pets that like to perform and are comfortable with kids. They’ve a fantastic desire to please, making them simple to train.

The Excellent Dane Would like to be Where the household is. They enjoy people a great deal, such as strangers and kids, and also will welcome people thankfully, unless they believe you want defending. They then may be protective.

Some Danes want they had been Truly think they’re lapdogs, and they will continue trying to arrive if you and your lap strangely keep moving.

Good-natured as they are, Great Danes certainly require ancient socialization–vulnerability to a lot of distinct folks, sounds, sights, and experiences– even if they are young. Socialization helps make sure your Great Dane puppy grows up for a pet that is secondhand.

Enrolling them into a pup Kindergarten course is a fantastic beginning. Inviting traffic over frequently, in addition to taking your puppy to parks that are busy, shops that allow dogs and on holiday strolls to fulfill neighbors may even help them enhance their social abilities.

· Health

Fantastic Danes are usually Healthful, however like all types, they are more prone to specific health conditions. Not all Danes can find any or each these ailments, but it is essential to know about them if you are thinking about this breed.

Listed below are a Couple of conditions to Watch out for:

Development Issues: Growing issues can grow in dogs and young adults. These are occasionally related to an improper dietoften a diet too high in calcium, protein, or nutritional supplements.

Hip Dysplasia: That can be an inherited condition where the thighbone does not fit snugly to the joint. Many dogs reveal pain and lameness on one or both back legs, although some do not exhibit outward signs of distress.

X-ray screening is that the most sure method to diagnose the issue. In any event, arthritis may grow because the pet ages. Dogs with hip dysplasia shouldn’t be bred.

Gastric Torsion: Additionally Referred to as coriander, this really is a life threatening illness that may affect big, deep-chested dogs like Great Danes.

This is particularly true they’re fed one big meal every day, eat quickly, drink large quantities of water after eating and exercise vigorously following ingestion. Bloat occurs more frequently among elderly dogs.

It takes place when the stomach is bloated with air or gas and twists (torsion). The puppy is not able to belch or vomit to rid of their extra air in the gut, and also the regular return of blood into the heart is slowed.

Blood pressure falls and your puppy goes into shock. Without immediate medical care, the dog could die. Suspect bloat in case your puppy has a bloated stomach and can be salivating too and retching without throwing up.

Additionally they may be stressed, depressed, lethargic, and feeble, using a rapid heartbeat. It is important to get your puppy into the vet as soon as you can if you find those signs.

Bone Cancer: Occasionally called osteosarcoma, this is the most Frequent bone tumor located in puppies. It is usually found in middle-aged or older dogs, but bigger breeds like the fantastic Dane have a tendency to produce tumors in younger ages. Normally affecting large and giant breeds, osteosarcoma is a competitive bone cancer.

The very first indication is lameness, however, the puppy will require X-rays to ascertain whether the reason is cancer.

Osteosarcoma is treated harshly, usually together with all the amputation of the chemotherapy and limb. With therapy, dogs may live nine weeks to 2 decades or longer. Fortunately, dogs adapt well to life on three legs.

Heart Disease: Heart disorders affect Good Danes; types comprise dilated cardiomyopathy, mitral valve defects, tricuspid valve dysplasia, subaortic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, along with persistent right aortic arch. Prognosis and therapy differ based upon the particular disease and the pet’s age and overall health.

Surgical problems are a little Distinct for Great Danes compared to smaller dogs. For any desired operation, locate a physician who’s experienced using giant-breed dogs.

Request some presurgical blood test and also ask them to incorporate a clotting profile ( that isn’t a part of normal presurgical blood function ).

· Care

Despite their size, a Fantastic Dane is comfy enough for a fantastic house dog, even although they’re not ideal for a very small apartment since they will knock in to everything.

They can get chilly in the Winter, therefore that they should not be left out in colder environments –but no puppy should. In reality, they’d enjoy using a sweater or fleece coat to help keep them warm once you go for a walk in a chilly season.

They are relatively silent Inside, but they require a very long walk at least once each day, or even a huge yard to play.

An adult Great Dane requires 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, based on their age and activity level. Puppies and teens require about 90 minutes of exercise every day.

If you plan on maintaining them in A yard sometimes, they will require a six-foot fencing, even although they’re not even a jumper. If you are a gardening enthusiast, realize that they actually delight in ruining the landscaping–only a tiny security hint in hopes of averting heart attacks.

While you may want a jogging Spouse, wait to shoot your Great Dane running till they’re at least 18 weeks old. Until then, their bones are still increasing, and they are simply not up to the endeavor. In reality, your puppy might not be prepared to go running till they’re just two years old.

Crate training advantages every single dog and can be A sort approach to make certain your Great Dane does not have accidents in the home or get into things that they should not.

A crate–a very major one–can also be a location where they can escape for a rest. Crate training at a young age will help your Dane take confinement should they need to get stopped or hospitalized.

Never stay your Dane at a Crate all day , however. It is not a prison, and they should not invest more than just a couple of hours at one time inside except when they are sleeping during the night. Fantastic Danes are individuals dogs, and they are not intended to devote their lives wrapped up in a cage or kennel.

Brush your Dane’s Teeth at least twice or three times every week to remove tartar buildup as well as the germs that lurk within. Daily brushing is much better if you would like to reduce gum disease and bad breath.

Reduce their claws a Couple of times per month if Your dog does not wear them down naturally to stop painful tears along with other issues. If you may hear them clicking onto the ground, they are too long.

Dog toenails possess blood vessels inside them, also if you cut too much you are able to lead to bleeding and your pet might not collaborate next time they visit the nail clippers emerge. Thus, if you are not seasoned trimming dog claws, ask a vet or groomer such as the pointers.

Their ears must be assessed Weekly for a terrible odor, which may signal a disease. If you check your pet’s ears, then wipe them out using a cotton ball dampened with soft, pH-balanced ear cleanser to help prevent diseases. Do not insert anything in the ear canal; simply wash the outer ear.

As you dress, check out sores, Rashes, or signs of infection like tenderness, redness, or redness around the skin, at the nose, mouth, and eyes, and also around the toes. Babies should be obvious, without any discharge or redness. Your cautious weekly test can allow you to identify potential health problems early.

· Feeding

Diet is essential for a quick Growing giant-breed puppy such as a excellent Dane, more than for many breeds.

A fantastic Dane puppy should not consume regular dog food since it’s generally too abundant to them; they require the pet food constructed for large breeds. It is best to not supplement anything, particularly not with calcium.

Assuming a high quality meals, The sum to present your Great Dane varies considerably with age and sex.

You have to seek advice from your vet or vet for dietary guidelines to fit your individual pet. But, generalized daily quantities include:

Three to 6 weeks: twenty five to six cups; men, four to eight cups
Eight months to a year: twenty five to eight cups daily; men, five to ten cups
Adolescents: twenty five cups; men, nine to 15 cups
hens: twenty five to eight cups; men eight to ten cups

Until Age four to five Months, a fantastic Dane puppy must have three meals every day. Following that, give both meals every day daily. They should not have just 1 meal every day.

For much more on feeding Great Dane, visit our instructions for purchasing the ideal meals , feeding your pup , also feeding your pet .

· Coat Color And Grooming

The six normal colors of Great Danes’ sleek, shorts are:

Fawn (a gold colour with a dark mask)
Brindle (black and fawn intermixed Throughout the entire body within an tiger-stripe pattern)
Blue (metal blue, that Is Actually a Type of grey )
Harlequin (white with irregular black spots over the Whole body)
Mantle (white and black using a solid black blanket within the entire body )

They lose a great deal, but their coat isn’t difficult to maintain prime condition with routine cleaning . Utilize a firm bristle brush and then shampoo as necessary. Normal cleaning retains your Great Dane’s coat healthy and clean, and it cuts back on the amount of bathrooms they require.

As you might imagine, bathing a Fantastic Dane is A daunting task, especially if they are not anticipating it. Difficult to envision them hiding under the table when attempting to escape a tub, but it occurs.

Begin becoming your Dane utilized to Being brushed and analyzed when they are a pup. Manage their paws often –puppies are more picky about their toes –and appear within their mouth.

Make dressing a favorable experience full of praise and benefits, and you’re going to set the groundwork for simple veterinary examinations and other managing when they are a grownup.

· Children And Other Pets

A Fantastic Dane loves kids and Is tender with them, particularly when raised with them from puppyhood. Remember they do not have any clue how big they can be in contrast to a little child, so that they could accidentally knock children over quite readily.

Much like every breed you need to Always teach kids how to approach and touch puppies, and always manage any connections involving young adults and young children to protect against any scratching or tail or ear pulling the part of the party.

Teach your child to not approach some dog while they are sleeping or eating or to attempt to spend the pet’s food off.

Generally, a Great Dane can get together with other pets in the family, but sometimes some could be competitive with possessions, or else they simply might not take care of another pets. It is a single preference: some will not tolerate another creature in the home, though some are going to snooze with all the cats and other dogs.

· Rescue Groups

Great Danes are usually bought With no apparent comprehension of exactly what goes into owning a single. There are lots of Danes in need of adoption and fostering and Lots of rescues that we have Not recorded.

If you do not see a rescue recorded on your region, contact the National breed club or even a local breed club and they’re able to point you toward a good Dane rescue.

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