Laizhou Hong Dog : China’s Red Dog

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It is the Laizhou Hong is a large molosser dog. The dog’s body is bigger than its height at the withers. The head of the dog is muscular and strong, which is proportional in proportion to their body.

They have a prominent skull that has a larger nose that is longer than the top of their heads.

The forehead is flat and is parallel to the nasal bridge. It’s a stop point, where the nose’s end faces their forehead. This is clearly defined.

Laizhou Hong

The dogs are large black nose with large nostrils. The muzzle and nasal bridge are long and straight. their lips are in the jaws’ shape with a tight.

The gums of these patients can be dark, and they may have the appearance of dark spots on their tongues. They have jaws that are strong and have an incisor bite.

Although they possess a robust head and cheek muscles, they aren’t very well distinct. The breed is known for its almond-shaped eyes that are clearly defined and have an sophisticated appearance.

The color of their eyes can range from an array from light amber to dark brown. Their large, tall ears can be straight, and they are slightly curled towards the tips.

They have a broad neck and a skin that is proportional to their head and body.

They have prominent withers at the point where their necks meet their straight backs, making them appear alert. Their croups are medium length and is rounded, but still large.

Their chests reach up to their elbows, creating an even more muscular, larger appearance.

The chest’s depth is about half of the height when they are withers. The dog’s ribs stretch nearly to the rear.

Their tails are longer and extends to their hocks or the ankles. It also has a medium thickness that tapers towards the ends.

Laizhou Hong Dog Breed

The tail of their pet is covered with bristle-like hair. Their tail is hung with the slightest curve when in a sitting place. Straight legs are clearly distinct from every angle.

The shoulders of their backs are relaxed and your upper thighs look slender and their elbows fold in to their bodies for a more masculine appearance.

The fronts of their legs are arched. paws , and they have black nails. The back legs are well-defined, straight, and strong. They sport a tight-fitting skin with short fur that’s thick, smooth, and shiny.

They have black coats, with marks of reddish tan on their throats, muzzles as well as their cheeks, legs and chest. There are also markings on their eyes as well as under their tails.

The Red Dog of China Red Dog

Its official name is Laizhou Hong however, in a more informal manner the large molosser dog is referred to by the name of Chinese Red Dog, or China’s Red Dog.

While it was once very popular, other breeds gained popularity after China loosed its dog laws.

The information on the breed is scarce for those seeking more information. However, it’s believed that the breed’s origins are from Shandong Province in China.

The 19th century was the time this province (as as other areas in China) became a colony of Germans following Jiaozhou Bay and Qingdao Peninsula were taken over by China’s Ching Dynasty in 1898.

The people who arrived on the Qingdao Peninsula with their dogs and after many years of breeding Great Danes and German Shepherd Dogs with their local dogs such as those of the Shandong Xian Hound, the Laizhou Hong was established as its own breed.

The red marks (“Hong” which in Chinese refers to red) are the most distinctive characteristic for the breed.

As a faithful and confident dog, it is said to be friendly and peaceful, and is described as a great family dog. There are, however, mentions of a natural security streak.

It is classified as a high-deterrence dog, which can be used as a guard or working dog in a farm.

Since male dogs can attain a height of 32 inches as well as weigh anywhere from 77 and 85 pounds. This is believed to be a robust and robust breed.

The breed was featured in the show catalogue in the catalog for 2019’s World Dog Show in Shanghai under the group 11 non FCI Breeds, however, it’s considered to be an uncommon breed, particularly in the outside world of China.

There are a variety of breeders on the Internet which allows you to view more pictures and videos about the dog breed.

This should not be considered to be an endorsement by the breeder, as we don’t know anything about them.

Temperament of Laizhou Hong

Laizhou Hong is known to be calm, affectionate and friendly to everyone. They are loyal dogs and are eager to please their families.

They are also very enthusiastic about work and are tough and durable. Laizhou are considered to be strong, confident, and are able to adjust to changing environments. They are employed for working dogs, guard dog breeds, and companion dogs.

Height and Weight of Laizhou Hong

Height: Males: 25–31 inches (64–79cm)
Females: 25-27 inches (64–70 cm)

Living Conditions of Laizhou Hong

Can be a good fit in an apartment, if physically active, but would be best with some space of a reasonable size.

Exercise Require for Laizhou Hong

Laizhou Hong Laizhou Hong is very energetic and athletic, with a lot of endurance. They must be taken for a daily run, long walk, or jog and must be trained to heel alongside or behind the person holding the lead. In the dog’s mind, the leader guides the way and that leader should be the human.

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