25 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

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Are you looking for an easy-to-care for dog? That’s what we totally understand. You are busy and want to add another family member. So, let us find our Low Maintenance Dog Breeds and give them primary description which will encourage to adopt pet dog.

The good news is that we did all the research. You can now browse the various breeds that we have chosen and start looking for your best friend.

Everyone has a different idea of what a hectic schedule is. According to who you ask, “super busy” could mean overtime at work; four children and counting; freelancing continuously; or volunteering on weekends. Add a dog to the mix, and you’ll have more than enough.

(But, let’s face it, studies by organizations such as the Human Animal Bond Research Institute show that owning a dog can dramatically reduce stress levels. This is something even busy people can appreciate.

If you are looking for an easy-to-maintenance dog to care for, then take a look below at our extensive list. First, here are some important things to remember!

Low-Maintenance Best Dog Breeds

We have ranked the best low-maintenance dog breeds based on multiple criteria.

Our ratings will help you find the perfect dog for your life, whether you are a new owner or someone who is already busy.


Consider the basic needs of every dog if you are serious about adding a pet to your family.

How and where can you squeeze in daily walks (morning & night), nail trimming (at minimum monthly), regular vet visits (2 times per year), and quality time?

Consider your location to local dog parks or reputable veterinarians. Are you a frequent traveler for work?

Are you able to dedicate more time to your dog than your partner?

These are just a few of the many questions that you can ask, but they’re a good place to start. Grooming and exercise are two key factors in determining whether a dog is high-maintenance or low-maintenance.

All dogs need to be loved and cared for, but there are certain breeds that will respond better to your hectic lifestyle.

What is Low Maintenance for dogs?

We need to know what low maintenance means. Do you want a dog who is easy to train? It doesn’t shed

They are great with children and seniors. Perhaps a lazy dog who likes to lie down all day. Maybe it’s all of these?

We understand that low maintenance can be different for different people. So, we have rated each breed based on these traits to help you make an informed decision.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

1. Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers, with their large brown eyes and tuxedo-styled coat, are friendly dogs who want to please you. As with all breeds, their exercise needs will vary. However, they usually need to be taken for a few walks each day and played indoors.

They are great for apartment living, and they work well with both families and children in the suburbs. This coat is also very low-maintenance.


Chihuahuas can be likened to a Leo friend, who is always saying “I’m up to literally anything!”

The grooming of short-coated chihuahuas is minimal. However, long-coated ones don’t need to be brushed as often.


When talking about dogs with hectic lives, the grooming aspect is often brought up. Do you schedule a salon session for your dog every four weeks, more often than you get highlights?

No. Standard and toy size Manchester terriers have smooth, carefree coats. They love to curl up after a long walk.


Dachshunds are positive and will take any kind of challenge. Running around the house, though be cautious with stairs, or taking a leisurely walk are two options for exercise.

Your Dachshund will enjoy being with you while you concentrate on your tasks, whether you work at home or in an office that is dog-friendly.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinschers are only available to those who have a busy schedule that includes plenty of time for exercise. Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Bonding with owners is a key part of a healthy dog lifestyle.

Take your Doberman out for a run every evening to kill two birds with one stone. They require a lot of exercise, especially if you have a backyard, and good training as puppies. Otherwise, they are very easy to maintain.


The French bulldog is calm and easygoing. He does not bark often, requires minimal grooming, is easy to live with, and has a “take it or lose it” attitude when exercising.

They should be walked enough to keep a healthy weight. But beyond that, they can fit in almost anywhere with anyone.

7. Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles spaniels can sense and adapt to their owners’ temperaments making them great for anyone who is always on the move.

While it is important to brush their long coats every week, these dogs can be relaxed and can work well with children and other pets.

8. Bull mastiffs

Bull mastiffs can look fierce, but they are friendly and obedient with their family. You can train your pups early to teach them commands. Brush their fur every two weeks and take regular walks to help maintain a healthy weight.


Because of its calm demeanor, this dog is great for families with children. This Saturday’s soccer game

Bring your dog! A family hike in a state park nearby? Bring your dog! Broholmers enjoy being outdoors and part of a team.

10. Rat Terriers

This adorable, playful and compact dog will love you no matter where you go. You can leave her alone while you run errands, and she will be happy to welcome you back with open arms.

It is important to start training early, as rats terriers are sensitive and love to please. You should have a large family or like hosting friends often (rat terriers love to socialize).

11. TOSA

The gentle giant that is the Tosa, Ah! They make great guard dogs as they are wary of strangers, and can even look intimidating.

They are gentle, patient, obedient, and leisurely. Walking is a good exercise option, but increase your activity level if your Tosa starts to gain weight.

12. American Staffordshire Terriers

Another dog who enjoys being part of the action. These dogs love people-centric exercise such as running, biking or frisbee. They are perfect for anyone looking for a weekend that includes a trip to a dog-friendly brewery after a hike. American Staffordshire Terriers are confident and easy-going dogs.

Choose Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds


Here’s the saddest of all the blobs: the basset-hound. You might be forgiven for thinking these dogs were so patient and low-key that you wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t home.

They get along well with other dogs. The only semi-high-maintenance aspect of basset hounds is they might need a solid brush-through three times a week to keep their coat healthy.

14. Drevers

A Drever can help you find balance in your hectic routine. A quick walk in the morning, followed by some downtime until the dog walker arrives. It’s no problem.

Their coats are strong and need very little grooming. Drevers are great for families with multiple dogs or people who live in the same home.

15. Tibetan Spaniels

Tibetan spaniels love to lounge around in the house and play with toys.

They are playful but tend to be calmer and more disciplined. A quick brushing through once a week will keep the fur behind the ears from getting tangled.

16. Border Terriers

The border terrier is an excellent dog breed. It is affectionate and trained, and can be trained to play with children.

He will play, then follow a routine when it is time for food, sleep, or work. Border terriers should have lots of space to run, but they are known to adapt well to urban life, as long as they can walk through parks occasionally.


The whippet is low-maintenance in every sense of that word. These dogs are happy to lie on the couch until they’re ready to go for a walk.

Their short hair makes grooming difficult and their barks are rare.


Italian greyhounds look a lot like whippets but are small dogs that take up very little space. This makes them ideal for people who live in busy cities.

They love to be held and they may follow you around when your home is empty. But, they also know how to relax.

This is the dog for you if there are no dog parks in your neighborhood. They’re too timid and fearful of other dogs and prefer to stay at home.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Just For You

19. Maltese

The lap dog. Maltese puppies are adaptable canines that will sit and wait with you or trot if needed. Another perk: They don’t shed.

Although they are very friendly, they may be stubborn if you fail to teach them commands early (and give plenty of treats during training). The rest is easy. It’s smooth sailing.

20. Roly-poly Dogs

Imagine a roly-poly love pile that wants nothing more than to hang out and eat snacks with you. The pug is that!

These adorable little dogs are friendly with other dogs, children, singles — pretty much any dog. They shed very little, however, it is not a problem.


There are many toy breeds on this list. The Pomeranian is the most beloved. These tiny companions are loved by people all over the world.

They are happy, smart and have positive dispositions. Short bursts indoors is enough to get them exercise.

22. Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is another breed that is eager to please, and willing to learn and keep commands. They make great companions for children and pets.

Grooming may be the most difficult area for this puppy. Make sure to brush often to avoid their wet coats getting tangled.

23. Papillon

It looks as if the Papillon is always smiling! They are happy dogs, and will play wherever they please.

The Papillon is a great companion for people who live in large country homes, small apartments, hot deserts, and chilly tundras. Their undercoat is not necessary, making grooming easy.

24. Havanese

A Havanese would be a person who could entertain others but also knows how to read the room.

They aren’t aggressive and don’t shed much.

25. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the largest dogs on the planet. He brings calm and almost tranquility to his home. It’s best to have a large yard so he can run around several times per day. They are fast and look a lot like Greyhounds.

They are known for their sweetness and make great watch dogs.


It doesn’t matter how busy your life is, it is possible to provide exceptional care and love for your dog.

You can track your dog’s activity on your phone, use automatic feeders to ensure your dog gets enough food, and hire dog walking companies to ensure your dog gets exercise every day.

After a long day, nothing beats snuggling with your dog. You might consider getting a goldfish to help you get through the day.

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