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One of the first things that will come to mind when someone speaks of an Australian Shepherd breed is their distinctive coat that is long and fluffy which can make you wonder if there is the Short-Haired Australian Shepherd / hairless Australian Shepherd exists. The answer is yes.

An easy search of internet will bring you to numerous forums of fur-parents discussing their Aussies with short hair. Many of them are asking whether the short coats are common, and some even asking if your Aussies have purebred.

I came across pictures of these dogs with short hair shared with their owner. It’s true that they appear exactly like an ordinary Aussie but with shorter hair.

Are you interested in what is the Australian Shepherd short hair? Keep reading in which I will share with you all the information I have about this particular Aussie.

Do you know of a short-haired Australian Shepherd?

Yes, there’s the shorter-haired Australian Shepherd variety. They can be found where they are in parks, farms and even in homes. They’re not as difficult to locate as you might think!

The Australians of Australia aren’t all identical. Certain have eyes of blue, others have brown eyes, and others have both. This is also true for their coats. Australian Shepherds come in a variety of hair lengths.

Experts in dog breeds have no idea how to answer this question, however some believe it could be due to have to do with the ancestral roots of the breed.

To provide a brief background, Australian Shepherds are not originated from Australia like the name implies.

They came from an animal that was used for herding and working from Europe and are believed to be closely related with the Border Collie and English Shepherd. It is not clear that they also were short-haired as relatives.

What’s a Short-Haired Australian Shepherd look like?

Short-haired Australian Shepherd appears like the standard Aussie. What distinguishes it is the coat, which is flatter, shorter, with less fluffy fur than the usual.

Similar to long-haired breeds the coats of short-haired Aussies can be blue, black, red or red merle. They could also be tricolor or bicolor.

As for their body size, they’re medium-sized and have a muscular build. Their bone structure is intended for athletic activities since they are herding animals in the end. The tails of these breeds naturally are bobbed, or shorter.

The eyes of Australian short-haired Shepherds could be brown or blue. They also are prone to having eyes that are heterochromiac, or different shades.

Are Australian Shepherds with short hair scarce?

While their short fur is what makes them unique from other breeds that are normal, Australian Shepherds with short hair aren’t considered to be rare.

In fact, dog owners don’t notice short-haired Aussies right away. This is due to the fact that some puppy coats are short at first, but then get longer as they progress into adulthood.

Can Australian Shepherds have short hair?

I was researching on the internet and noticed that there were a lot of forum members that are worried regarding their dogs’ Australian shepherds “short fur.” A lot of owners have also expressed concerns about the fact that their Australian Shepherds’ fur is not fluffy enough.

One of the main characteristic for one of the most distinctive characteristics that distinguishes Australian Shepherd is their long coat, which is thick and fluffy which is why owners are often anxious when they find out that the Aussie has a shorter coat that’s not growing any more.

This is more frequent than people think However. The fact is that no two dogs are 100% the same even if they’re the same breed.

And Aussies are no different. Although the majority of Australian Shepherds wear the iconic long coat it is common that some don’t have it, and there’s no reason to be concerned about it. i.e. there’s no problem with the Aussie.

Why Do Some Australian Shepherds wear short Coats

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd is a complex breed that has an extensive lineage of European Herding dogs. This includes Collies or Border Collies. When an animal breed descends from similar, but distinct looking dogs You can expect to see plenty of diversity with regards to their look.

For instance the Australian Shepherds may have blue eyes while other breeds have eyes with brown, or even both. Some have spots, and others sport more or less solid colors and some breeds can grow the size of 70 pounds and others aren’t more than 35 pounds This is a 100 percent different in size!

The same is true regarding what length their fur is. The majority of them will also have coats that are quite long However, others may have medium-length coats and on occasion, some wear short coats.

Some owners claim that the fact that an Aussie has short coat and isn’t an ancestral lineage. Some claim that a short-haired Aussie is 100 % pure breeding. I couldn’t find any evidence to prove of the Australian Shepherd with shorter than normal fur isn’t pure breeding.

What’s the difference? an Australian Shepherd is Short-Furred

The large fluffy coat that Aussies wear is mostly for the aesthetics. People love the appearance of it, which is why breeders pick it. It’s that easy. But genetics are a complex subject and selective breeding may not always result in the desired outcome.

A short coat even if less fluffy than a typical Aussie isn’t a sign that it isn’t something going on with your dog. If you’re Aussie dog is grown up, but doesn’t have the coat you expected Don’t be concerned.

Does Kennel Clubs Recognize Short-Haired Australian Shepherds? Are they Purebred?

Established breed and kennel clubs like The American Kennel Club (AKC) as well as The Australian Shepherd Club of America as well as The United States Australian Shepherd Association have their own breed standards.

They represent certain traits such as build, size the shape of the eyes, head coat color, as well as patterns that are characteristic of their Australian Shepherd breed. The fur length standard for Aussie breed is moderate. Aussie breed for the clubs is medium.

There is no distinct difference between those with short hair, the Australian Shepherd kind, unlike the miniature Aussies and toy Australians which are recognized by these groups.

Are Short-Haired Australian Shepherds shed?

Short-haired Australian Shepherds have the same coat as regular coated Aussies and also suffer from seasons of shedding. Owners of Australian Shepherds affirm that their hair sheds less as a result of their coat’s length.

In order to keep your Aussie’s coat lovely, clean, and neat, it’s vital to regularly groom the dog. Simple steps like brushing your fur, regardless of length will make a difference.

Watch this video to learn to take care of the short haired Aussie.

The Short-Haired Australian Shepherd Temperament: Is It similar to the Long-Haired Australian Shepherd?

Physically speaking, Australian Shepherds with short hair are like long-haired Australian Shepherds apart from how long their coats are. In terms of temperament, you can safely affirm that they’re similar.

Short-haired Aussies are brimming with energy. As a herding breed they’re built to work and are a fan of sports that require physical as well as mental fitness.

They love moving about in the outdoors, walking and hiking. If you are on a farm, Australian Shepherds can help you with your chores and also can be great herders.

However, they’re not only about work and play. They love playing games, learning tricks, and attempting obstacles courses. If you’re planning to acquire one, make sure that you don’t live an unmoving lifestyle since this breed loves to move frequently.

Aussies are smart canines that are also intelligent. They are very easy to train and be competitive in dog-related challenges. They are able to participate in dog sports and contests as well!

Loyalty is another value that is innate to their. You can expect that your handsome Aussie to protect and love yourself and family members. Additionally, Aussies have strong protection instincts which is why they view strangers as a threat.

Hairy and short-haired Australian Shepherd Lifespan and Health Concerns

The time to grow to be old together with your pet is a things we all hope to achieve. If you would like your short-haired Aussie to live twelve to fifteen years in your home and live living life at its best, then you should take care of the health of your pet.

There are many ailments to be aware of in Australian Shepherds, regardless of which variant they have. The most common ones include:

Coloboma: Aussies are prone to eye ailments like Coloboma. When a portion of the dog’s eyes fail to develop normally the eye’s sensitivity increases to light.

Hip Dysplasia: The bone problem is caused by the dogs thigh bone is not meet the socket. In the end, your dog may feel pain when walking and might begin to limp.

Epilepsy Australian Shepherds can be found at the risk of developing epilepsy. This condition can cause dogs to suffer from seizures that can be controlled by medications.

Multi Drug Sensitivity: A few breeds exhibit an increased sensitivity to the common vet-prescribed medications.

Australians are at risk of developing this drug sensitization. The body’s immune system fails to respond appropriately when exposed to substances like Ivermectin and The Imodium A-D, as well as some anesthetics.

What is the cost of a short-haired Australian Shepherd?

Short-haired Australian Shepherd puppy can cost between $400 to $1,880. A variety of factors are considered to calculate prices, such as the reputation of the breeder, your dog’s genetic lineage and color, as well as other factors.

There are shelters too where the possibility of adopting a dog for an amount. The price usually covers adoption expenses ranging from $425 up to $880.

Locations to find the Short-Haired Australian Shepherd for Sale and Adoption

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is short, an Australian Shepherd is a good option as this Aussie breed is perfect for friendship.

I would recommend you buy an animal from a trusted breeder to ensure that you’re buying a purebred and not supporting illegal practices like puppy mills.

Here are some directories and organizations to aid you find the ideal puppy:

AKC Marketplace – Because it is managed by AKC it is guaranteed that breeders are members who provide healthy pups. You can even find short-haired Australians from champion bloodlines on this site.

The USASA Breeder Directory is one of the clubs that have breed standards the United States Australian Shepherd Association includes a directory with the most reliable breeders for Australian Shepherd.

ASCA Club Directory – A different organisation that is dedicated to Aussies The Australian Shepherd Club of America has the database of affiliated clubs to help you find breeders in your region.

In addition to purchasing a short-haired Aussie and a stray, you could be interested in adopting. If you aren’t sure whether there’s a shelter close to you and you need help, seek advice or help from these organizations and websites:

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline With more than 20 years of volunteering experience The Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline can assist you in finding the rescue short-haired Aussie that requires an appropriate shelter.

Australian Shepherd Rescue Group – You will be able to find the shelter or rescue group close to you by making use of this directory provided by the Australian Shepherd Rescue Group.

Adopt-a-Pet is a platform that assists a large number of pet pet owners who want to be pet owners across North America find the right pet to adopt and cherish.

Commonly Answered Questions

Are Australian Shepherds who have short hair hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic dogs are perfect for those who are sensitive to allergens. The short-haired Aussie as well as its various varieties such as the mini short-haired Australian Shepherd are not a hypoallergenic breed of dog.

If you’re allergic to fur from dogs be sure to stay clear of an Aussie even if it’s a short-haired one because the breed is subject to the season of shedding. There will be fur all throughout.

What is an Standard Coat of an Australian Shepherd?

In accordance with the AKC the AKC, according to the AKC, an Australian Shepherd must have medium-length hair that is weatherproof. It could be straight or wavy , with medium texture.

Australian Shepherds can have coats with solid colors in bicolor, black, red or tricolor. They could also have pattern coats that make them merle Australians.

Aussies are furry and soft across the top of the head behind the ears, close to the forelegs, and on hooks. Also, you can find feathered fur on forelegs and britches.

Final Comments: Is the Short-Haired Australian Shepherd the Best Pet for You?

The right dog to suit your needs can be difficult, especially as every breed comes with specific characteristics. If what you’re seeking is a puppy that can be your perfect companion and is short-haired, then the Australian Shepherd is one you ought to think about.

Be aware this short-haired Aussie isn’t suitable for anyone. It’s full of energy and you ought to be able to contribute to.

This means that if you decide to purchase one, you must have the drive, motivation and time to play time with it by playing or hiking exercises.

A short haired Aussie is a fantastic option for those who want the look of an Australian Shepherd but are not willing to deal with a large fur. It has the enthusiasm and intelligence associated with the Aussie but with lesser hair.

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